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Date Webinar Office
05/24/2012 School Transportation Formula

This webinar covers the basic components of the school transportation funding formula and will help the viewer to have a better understanding of the formula and the impact of transportation data on the district’s state transportation aid.

Financial and Administrative Services
05/04/2012 MSIP 5 Scoring Guide Round 1

This webinar presents information and updates regarding the MSIP 5 Scoring Guide.

Quality Schools
04/18/2012 Service-Learning in Afterschool

This session provides an overview of service-learning and how these activities can easily be incorporated into an afterschool program.

Quality Schools
02/15/2012 STEM in Afterschool

Learn how you can implement high-quality, engaging STEM activities in your afterschool program.

Quality Schools
01/12/2012 Update on Draft ESEA Flexibility Waiver Application

This webinar provides an overview and update of the state's draft application for a NCLB flexibility waiver offered by the U.S. Department of Education. State officials provide answers and guidance on how to submit feedback to the draft waiver application.

Quality Schools
08/26/2011 Sustainability for Afterschool Programs

This session will focus on using sales and marketing to leverage resources programs schools already have to sustain their Afterschool Programs.

Quality Schools
03/29/2011 to 03/30/2011 Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Application 2011 Technical Assistance Webinar

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education hosted a technical assistance webinar for those interested in applying to be a SES provider in Missouri for the 2011-2012 school year.

Quality Schools
03/23/2011 Missouri School Improvement Program – MSIP 5

This webinar provides an update and overview of the proposed MSIP 5 standards.

Quality Schools


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