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Date Webinar Office
07/11/2014 The Transfer Process for Students with Disabilities

This webinar will describe the process and compliance requirements that ensure a timely and seamless transfer for students with disabilities from one school district to another.  The updated model In-State and Out-of-State Transfer Documentation forms will be shared.

School administrators, special education directors, and process coordinators, school counselors, school staff involved with enrollment of students should view this webinar.

Special Education
07/10/2014 Office of Data System Management Update - July

This webinar presents information and updates from the Office of Data System Management.

Data System Management
06/02/2014 Special Education and English Language Learners: Guidance for LEA Staff

This webinar is about Special Education and English Language Learners: Guidance for LEA staff and will focus on the referral process.  We will explore the factors unique to ELLs that my impact academic success as well as discuss quality intervention strategies for this population of students.  In addition, guidance for determining is a disability is suspected will be shared.  The new resource for use in the special education identification process for ELL students will be reviewed and demonstrated.  

Special Education
05/16/2014 Speech Implementer Model: Past, Present and Future

The Office of Special Education has UPDATED guidance and requirements for the use of the speech implementer model as a service delivery option for providing speech/language services to students with disabilities.  The pre-recorded webinar highlights changes in the application process, expectations for use of the model, as well as introduce new resources to assist LEAs meet compliance requirements.

Special Education
04/29/2014 MOSIS End of the Year Webinar

This webinar presents information regarding the end of the year reporting for MOSIS and Core Data.

Data System Management
04/24/2014 McKinney-Vento (Homeless) Grant

This webinar will cover the application and scoring process for the discretionary grant application for the school year 2014-15 and school year 2015-16 McKinney-Vento program. Participants will gain an understanding of the grant application and scoring rubric used in the grant process. School districts with a homeless population of 20 or more students are eligible to apply.

Quality Schools
04/23/2014 School Improvement Grant (SIG) Technical Assistance Webinar

This webinar will overview the 1003 (g) School Improvement Grant (SIG) application process and review allowable activities for Cadre II year three and Cadre III year two.

Quality Schools
04/07/2014 End of Course Exceptions

This webinar presents information regarding the End of Course Exceptions.

Data System Management
03/27/2014 Title I Preschool

Non-Regulatory Guidance on Title I Preschools was updated by the US Department of Education in October of 2012. This webinar will cover the updated guidance and how Title I funds can be used to provide preschool services to eligible preschool students.

Quality Schools
03/13/2014 Calculating Basic Formula, Classroom Trust Fund, Prop C, and Small Schools Grant Payments

This webinar provides school districts with a walk-through on how to perform the payment projections, what tools to use, and where to obtain the data to accurately calculate the Basic Formula - Other State Monies, Classroom Trust Fund, Prop C, and Small Schools Grant payments.

Superintendents and other district personnel who are responsible for performing the budget projections for the Basic Formula - Other State Monies, Classroom Trust Fund, Prop C, and Small Schools Grant payments should view this webinar.

Financial and Administrative Services


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