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MO School Improvement 5 (MSIP5)

What are the new accreditation levels and how will a district earn each classification?

There are four levels of accreditation as follows:
Accredited With Distinction – Equal to or greater than 90% of the points possible on the APR and meets other criteria yet to be determined by the State Board of Education.
Accredited – Equal to or greater than 70% of the points possible on the APR. 
Provisional – Equal to or greater than 50% to 69.9% of the points possible on the APR.
Unaccredited –Less than 50% of the points possible on the APR.

I’m reviewing our district’s data and would like additional information on how each performance standard is calculated.

Additional information on the calculation of the data for each standard may be found in the Guidance Document for the fifth version of the Missouri School Improvement program located at: http://www.dese.mo.gov/qs/documents/MSIP_5_APRcalculationsOctober30topost.pdf.

The A+ program requires a student to score proficient on the Algebra I EOC in order to be eligible for A+. May a student take the EOC each semester until he or she passes the test? If a student takes it multiple times, will their school

A student may take the Algebra I EOC multiple times to attain A+ scholarship eligibility. If the student has been assessed in a prior accountability year and is simply retesting for A+ eligibility, the district may submit a letter of appeal to have the additional scores(s) removed from accountability for the current year. Any time a district assesses a student on the state assessment, the results are included in the district’s data. It is up to the district to ensure that the appeal is filed during the current accountability year.

Because the district must choose between the Algebra I test and the grade level mathematics assessment for each student and is no longer able to include two scores for some students, will our scores go down from prior years?

The MSIP 5 DRAFT APR calculates data from the 2010, 2011 and 2012 assessments consistent with the Department’s algebra policy. Data from those assessment years are not included as a duplicated count in mathematics if the student took both the grade level and EOC assessment. The grade level results are removed so that appropriate annual progress can be calculated.
Scores from all mathematics assessment are reported in total rather than by grade span for the MSIP 5 DRAFT APR.

In what way will the revised Resource and Process Standards impact accreditation?

During the 4th cycle of the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP), the Department began utilizing performance as the main factor in determining a district’s classification level. The Department will continue to utilize performance measures as the main determinant for classification during MSIP 5. Resource and Process Standards will not be used to determine a district’s classification, but will be used to provide feedback to districts who may be in jeopardy of receiving a classification other than fully accredited.

When will the Resource and Process standards go into effect?

The Resource and Process Standards were approved by the State Board of Education at the September 2012 board meeting. The public comment period began on November 1, 2012 and closed on November 30, 2012. The comments will be reviewed by the State Board of Education. Comments will be responded to during the January meeting. If approved, the resource and
process standards will take effect during the spring of 2015.

As we implement higher standards, is it reasonable to expect that fewer districts will be designated as “Accredited with Distinction” in MSIP 5 than have received “Distinction in Performance” (DIP) in previous cycles?

The criteria for earning “Accredited with Distinction” will be different than the criteria utilized for DIP in prior cycles of MSIP. For a district to be “Accredited with Distinction”, they must earn 90% or greater of the points available as well as other criteria to be determined.