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Welcome to 2015 LifeSmarts!

LifeSmarts State Competition Information

  • The Missouri state competition will end on Friday, January 23rd.  The top 12 Junior Varsity and top 12 Varsity teams will be invited to the state in-person competitions in Jefferson City. (JV-February 24th, Varsity-February 25th)
  • There can be any number of team members on the on-line team.
  • Students need to complete all 6 rounds of competition- one for each topic area and a Capstone quiz. NOTE: The student will not see the Capstone quiz under the LifeSmarts Competition Quizzes area until they have completed all five topic area quizzes.
  • Coaches can see who has competed the rounds by:
  1. Log in
  2. Go to the “Competitions” tab
  3. Make sure Team Type is “All”
  4. Click on “Load”
  5. For each team, click on “Players” to see scores for each topic area and the Capstone
  6.  If there is a “Total Score” showing, then that student has completed all completion rounds
  • The team score will be determined by the scores of the top four students on the team
  • If invited to state competition, the team will consist of four members and one alternate (optional)
  • Anyone on the team who has completed the 6 rounds of competition can be on the in-person team, they do not have to be one of the top four scorers
  • If a coach has more than one team, they can choose their 4 team members and alternate from any person on any of their teams that has completed all 6 rounds of competition
  • Only one team per school is allowed at state competition, however there can be one from JV level and one from Varsity


Way to go Missouri LifeSmarts! Number one in the nation again.

National LifeSmarts coordinator, Lisa Hertzberg has informed me that Missouri LifeSmarts is the most active state on the LifeSmarts website with 1,813 hits in the past 20 days!

Keep up the good work!

LifeSmarts is an integrated educational program that can be used in math, science, language arts, social studies, career education or any curriculum to expand the general knowledge of students. It is open to students in grades 6-12. The LifeSmarts program includes teacher resources, student competitions and community service. www.LifeSmarts.org

The 2015 LifeSmarts Program Year is online now! If you have never given LifeSmarts a try, this could be the year for you to try the resources, lesson plans, competitions, and community service projects!  www.lifesmarts.org

The site has been updated and is significantly more user friendly than in the past.

You will find some exciting new features and functionality on the site, including:

  • Streamlined navigation on the home page. If you want to browse the site, our new drop-down menus will help you explore. If you know where you’re headed, you should be just a click away.
  • Your registration from 2013-14 is still active; there is no need to re-register. This is true whether you are a coach or a student.
  • Coaches, you will have the capability to add or drop students on your teams.
  • From September through January you will find new resources to help you focus on the topic of the month.
  • The ability to take practice quizzes by topic and by difficulty. Want to review just personal finance questions? Now you can!

If you have any questions, please contact me!

Merilee Thoenen, Missouri LifeSmarts Coordinator     573-751-6878   [email protected]


Two Missouri Teams Attend National LifeSmarts Competition!

The "Mega Money" team from Columbia Area Career Center, along with their coach, Janet Bagby, and assistant coach, Jo Ann Carpenter traveled to Orlando, FL on April 25th to represent Missouri at the National LIfeSmarts Competition. The team captain is Kira Kirk. Team members include Loyal Carpenter, Grant Gould and Chandler Randol.

Also attending in Orlando was the National LifeSmarts FCCLA team from Keytesville, MO. Their coach is Beverly Plymell. They were the top scoring team in the on-line LifeSmarts FCCLA Competition. They represented FCCLA at the national competition in Orlando in April. The team received $2500 from the National Consumers League to help with their travel expenses.

Congratulations to both teams!


State Winners Announced!

Thank you to all students and coaches who participated in 2014 Missouri LifeSmarts State Finals.

The winners were:

Junior Varsity:

1st Place- Blair Oaks Middle School

2nd Place - Bourbon Middle School

3rd Place - Oak Grove Middle School


1st Place - Columbia Area Career Center

2nd Place - Bourbon High School

3rd Place - Buffalo High School

Varsity Individual Topics Winners:

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities - Cameron Leahy, Ft. Zumwalt High School

Environment - Sree Dalta, Ft. Zumwalt High School

Technology - Peter Dolan, Linn High School

Personal Finance - Loyal Carpenter, Columbia Area Career Center

Health and Safety - Grant Gould, Columbia Area Career Center



Merilee Thoenen, Missouri Coordinator