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English Language Arts

ELA Update – December 2014-January 2015

Welcome English and World Language Educators,

If you’ve visited this page recently, you’ll see a number of changes.  First, I’ve added links for World Languages.  Formerly, World Languages did not have much DESE representation.  Having taught World Languages, the connection just seemed right. Please share with your World Language teacher friends that I am slowly ramping up and will continue to add resources for them here.

Second, the literacy standards for history/social studies, science, and technical subjects are posted near the bottom of this page.  Again, please share these widely.  We all know the importance of literacy across content areas; these documents will help those who may not have much training in literacy to see how it might be integrated in every course offered to our students.

Finally, there are new materials under the Resources Quick Links tab.  Please check them out.  As always, if you have other needs, holler; I’m glad to help as I can.

Melia Franklin
Director of English language arts

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World Languages

FLAM Press Releases: 

Lead with Languages video from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages 


Articles/Hot Topics/Research

International Reading Association

The IRA annual conference is in state next year!  Save the date: July 17-20 in Saint Louis.

Achievement Level Descriptors are here!

You’ve been waiting patiently for the grade-level ALDs.  They are ready.  Check out the video describing the process, then head to the Resources section to see them for yourself.


Chances are your district is a MOREnet school—90% of Missouri’s schools are members.  Are you taking full advantage of the research resources they have to offer?  They have respected databases for all grade-levels and so much more.  Unfortunately, if we don’t use them, we’ll lose them. Contact them for on-site training information [email protected]

Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey

You may have had the good fortune to see Nancy present here in Missouri not too long ago.  If you did, you enjoyed a day of engaging professional development.  Did you know they have their own YouTube channel?  It’s an amazing resource for those of us who like to see teaching in action!  

Upcoming Conferences

Interesting in upping your educational game?  Attend a conference.  DESE maintains a conference site.  Check it out to see new opportunities.  Does your group/organization have a conference to offer?  Send me the information and I’ll add it to the site.

Reading and Writing Standards for History and Social Studies



​Missouri Learning Standards

Missouri Learning Standards

The 21st Century learner, more than any generation before, is challenged to more fully integrate literacy skills into all of his or her content skills.  From the earliest emergent reading skills, to the most advanced speaking activities, Missouri’s students will need to read, write, listen, speak and effectively use the vocabulary in every course they take, and in every endeavor they pursue.  In order for this to happen, we need to encourage attentive reading, both in informational texts and in literature—in print and digitally.  Students will need to write with purpose in all content areas and in all writing genre—narrative, argument, and explanatory.  When students habitually integrate literacy in a meaningful way, across their day, and across their academic experience, and indeed, across their lives, we will have met the educational promise that leads to life-long learners who look to literacy to enlarge their lives and enrich their experiences.



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