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Annual Cooperative Conference for School Administrators

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MSIP Update  Receive an overview of the changes to the Comprehensive Guide to the Missouri School Improvement Program and to the 2015 MSIP 5 Annual Performance Report. The MSIP Plan for Support and Intervention will also be addressed.
Presenter: TJ Spalty, Director of MSIP, Office of Quality Schools, DESE

Pre-Employment Transition Services – New Opportunities   The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) places heightened emphasis on services to students with disabilities to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and opportunities to successfully transition to postsecondary experiences based on their educational and career goals. One of these services is Pre-Employment Transition Services (PETS). Learn how Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation will be working in collaboration with the University of Missouri and local school districts to implement PETS for the upcoming school year.
Presenters: Robert A. (Bob) Simpson, PETS Project Director, College of Education, University of Missouri; and Brenda Simmons, Director of Transition Services, Office of Adult Learning and Rehabilitation Services, DESE

Incorporating Student Growth Data into Educator Evaluation  Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, student growth data must be collected on teachers in all content areas and at all grade levels as a part of the evaluation process. This session will clarify the timelines and details for exactly what is required. Concrete suggestions and examples will be offered on how to leverage the collection of student growth data to improve teacher practice and increase student learning.
Presenters: Jennifer Hayes, Principal, Lafayette Co. C-1 School District; and Paul Katnik, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Educator Quality, DESE

2015-2016 Grade-Level Assessments Assessment staff will present the 2015-2016 grade-level assessment system updates and implementation timeline.
Presenters: Michael Muenks, Coordinator of Curriculum and Assessment, and Shaun Bates, Director of Assessment, Office of College and Career Readiness, DESE

Accessing Data from the Missouri Comprehensive Data System (MCDS)  Learn about the data available via the Missouri Comprehensive Data System (MCDS) Portal as well as highlights of a new data download tool and the interactive Missouri School Directory.
Presenter: Jason Young, Coordinator of MCDS, Office of Data System Management, DESE

Improving the Observation and Feedback Skills of Principals  View new tools and resources now available in the Missouri Observation Simulation Tool (MOST) and engage in a calibration exercise that can be used with district administrators to improve observation and feedback skills. Learn how accurate observation skills and meaningful feedback improve teaching practices and student learning. 
Presenter: Patty Corum, Educational Consultant, LLC

2015 Legislative Briefing  Learn about the impact of legislation that was passed during the 2015 Regular Session and signed into law, vetoed, or became law without the Governor’s signature. 
Presenter: Constance Rush, Director of Legislative Outreach, DESE

An EPiC Journey: Reimagining Education  Join our journey to reimagine the use of time and space in a new innovative learning environment designed to inspire creativity. EPiC Elementary is Liberty’s first school of choice and provides a project-based learning environment infused with technology. The school strives to empower creativity, equip students and engage communities.
Presenters: Jeremy Tucker, Superintendent; Deb Caywood, EPiC Elementary Fifth-Grade Teacher; and Michelle Schmitz, EPiC Elementary Principal, Liberty 53 School District

Utilizing a Broader Array of Resources to Support Child and Adolescent Well-Being in School and Community-Based Settings  Learn about the Resilience Coalition and the work of its members in North St. Louis City and County since August 2014. Explore how toxic stress, trauma and community violence affect individuals and families. The presentation highlights the impact that living in poverty and confronting adversity have on behavior in school, academic performance and school disengagement. The question “does race matter?” is discussed in the context of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) data, poverty and income data, and school suspension data. The case is made for school-based prevention and intervention services as well as activities to promote and support resiliency in children and families. Discover the knowledge and skills that school personnel, law enforcement, child welfare and juvenile justice professionals need to help promote resilience. 
Presenters: Khatib Waheed, Assistant Coordinator, and Vetta Thompson, Grant Writing and Evaluation, Resilience Coalition

How to Make Effective Teacher Home Visits to Improve Academic Achievement, Attendance and Behavior   Too many children enter school not ready to learn because there was little-to-no daily reading or talking in their homes from birth. Most never catch up, resulting in increased rates of remediation, school failure and incarceration. To succeed in school and life, children need ongoing enrichment and academic activities at home from birth. Research indicates that there are specific parental engagement behaviors that lead to improvements in their children’s academic achievement, attendance and classroom behavior. The lack of parent engagement is a key challenge facing schools and our students. Parents too often don’t know what to do, and teachers and other school personnel too often don’t know how to connect with the parents to build a relationship. At the completion of this session, school leaders will understand how HOME WORKS! trains, supports and helps pay teachers of low-performing students to build trust and respect with parents to get them more engaged in their children’s education.
Presenter: Karen Kalish, Founder and Executive Director of HOME WORKS!

School Finance This session will provide an overview of funding projections for 2015-2016 and address other finance-related topics of importance.
Presenters: Ron Lankford, Deputy Commissioner, Division of Financial and Administrative Services; and Roger Dorson, Coordinator of Financial and Administrative Services, DESE

Industry Insights Into a 21st Century Workforce: What Will Your Students Need to Know to be Successful?  Business and industry are constantly evolving to meet the needs of a highly competitive global marketplace. Ninety-one percent of Missouri employers cite talent development as the most pressing business need to remaining competitive. Learn from Missouri’s top employers what high school students will need to know in order to be successful in today’s workforce. An industry panel will address both technical and professional career pathways. 
Facilitator: Brian E. Crouse, Vice President of Education, Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Panel Members: Representatives from Ameren, IBM and Brewer Sciences

Supporting Students with Academic and Behavior Problems: Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) Despite fundamental changes in schools, teachers still report being inadequately prepared to meet the diversity of educational needs in today’s classrooms. Parallel systems for general and special education continue to create barriers to innovative practice and improved academic performance for at-risk students. A MO-CASE initiative referred to as “Reinvent: Unifying General and Special Education” envisions a single, unified educational system which supports all learners within a community of professional support. Learn about this model and how two local school districts use the MTSS framework to identify and provide early intervention.
Presenters: Terry Allee, Executive Director of the Missouri Council of Administrators of Special Education (MO-CASE); Emily Miller, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services; and Christina Barger, Executive Director of Assessment, Lee’s Summit R-VII School District; Kim Bielawski, Assistant Superintendent of Special Services; and Staci Mathes, Director of Student Support Services, Raytown C-2 School District

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) – Missouri  JAG-Missouri is offered in cooperation with the Missouri Community College Association to help at-risk youth graduate from high school and be successful after high school with meaningful employment, military service, or in postsecondary education. JAG is a 35-year-old national program currently offered in 32 states serving approximately 50,000 students with a consistent graduation rate exceeding 90 percent. State and local JAG leaders will discuss Missouri’s current implementation and expansion plan.  
Presenters: Paul Kincaid, Interim Executive Director, JAG-Missouri; and Kelvin Carter, JAG Specialist, Vashon High School, St. Louis

Developing College and Career Competencies: Missouri Postsecondary Success  The College and Career Competency Wheel displays research-based competencies that enable youth and young adults to be successful in employment, postsecondary education and independent living. Teacher guides and other free resources provide the research, assessments and instructional practices to develop each competency. The presenters will share examples for embedding competency instruction into the core curriculum, along with a student questionnaire and parent and teacher observational questionnaires.
Presenters: Amy Gaumer Erickson, Associate Research Professor, University of Kansas; and Tom Schlimpert, Assistant Director of Guidance and Counseling, Office of College and Career Readiness, DESE

Equitable Access to Excellent Education  All school districts encounter challenges in guaranteeing an excellent education to every student. This session will include a review of data that identifies critical equity issues in the education of Missouri students, as well as a specific focus on strategies to ensure all students have access to high quality education from excellent educators.
Presenter: Paul Katnik, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Educator Quality, DESE

Compassionate Culture: Orientation to Trauma-Sensitive Schools  Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) is a best practice for working with people in all facets of  our communities, given the high prevalence of trauma throughout our systems, urban or suburban. Teachers, all levels of leadership, administrators, nurses, child care providers, social workers, support staff, front line workers and volunteers will greatly benefit from the experience of being trained to promote Safety, Choice, Trustworthiness, Collaboration, Empowerment and Resilience within themselves and those they serve, as well as have an understanding of how trauma impacts all systems and relationships. This session is ideal for those who would like a basic understanding of the development of the TIC and Trauma- Sensitive Schools (TSS) movement and the evidence-based research on how trauma impacts the brain and all our systems as well as the ability to learn, teach and manage.
Presenters: Molly Ticknor, Resilience Clinical Consultant, Truman Medical Center-Behavioral Health; and John Tramel, Director of Neighborhood and Family Services, Independence School District

High Poverty = High Need for Successful 1-to-1 Technology Implementation Technology skills are imperative for our students as we continue to navigate the brave new world of connected learning. Join Center 58 School District as they describe their journey in implementing a 1-to-1 initiative at the middle and high school levels. From Chromebooks at the middle school to Dell laptops at the high school, learn about the planning, roll-out, parent communication, student training, technology agreements, expense, professional development, work-arounds for lack of interest at student homes, challenges and triumphs that accompany a 1-to-1 technology initiative. Does it matter that Center School District has a free-and-reduced lunch rate of about 80 percent? It matters in how we think about making sure our students are continually prepared for the challenges of college and high-tech professions and in how we provide high levels of access to technology. 
Presenters: Colleen McLain, Technology Director; Joe Gunderson, Principal, Center High School; Robyn Holsman, Educational Technology Specialist; and Kelly Wachel, Public Relations Director, Center 58 School District

The Impact of Trauma and Early Exposure to Violence on Children Birth to Age Five In recent years, we have learned much about the impact trauma and violence have on childhood well-being. How we respond to children, along with the protective factors we have in place, has a long-term impact on children. Recovery from a major life-altering event takes many hands. We will share about the “hands” that helped the families and teachers in two Missouri  communities. 
Presenters: Peggy North-Jones, Associate Director, Caregiver Connections; Joy Rouse, Director of Early Education, Ferguson-Florissant R-II School District; and Patricia Wheeler, Parents as Teachers Coordinator, Joplin Schools

Pathways to Prosperity Teacher Externships [Handout] Teacher externships are a key link to employer engagement and integrating career-focused learning in the classroom. Learn how Missouri’s Pathways for Teachers is connecting counselors, administrators and academic and career education teachers with business and industry, and about its impact in the classroom to prepare students to be career and college ready. How can your district take advantage of the opportunity to participate in these teacher externships during the coming school year? Find out in this session. 
Presenters: Blaine Henningsen, Career Pathways Manager, Pathways to Prosperity; Gail Stewart, St. Louis Director, Pathways to Prosperity; Ann Starlin-Horner, Kansas City Director, Pathways to Prosperity; and Roberta Carson, Mid-Missouri Director, Pathways to Prosperity, DESE
Panel Members: Aaron Krieser, McCluer North High School Math Teacher, Ferguson-Florissant R-II School District; Jessica Cavazos-Rochat, Hazelwood Central High School Instructional Coach, Hazelwood School District; Kathy Hueste, Assistant Director; and Liz Pogue, Counselor, Lake Career and Technical Center, Camdenton R-III School District; Tonya Dimmitt, Counselor, Centralia High School, Centralia R-VI School District; and Stephani Reynolds, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Coordinator, Platte Co. R-III School District

Strategies for Addressing Needs of ELL Populations   [ Additional Resources ]  Learn how the Carthage R-IX School District determined the need for a dual-language education program in its schools, the development of the program taking into account current research, key areas of focus and challenges to implementation, and the necessary communication and support-building needed within the community to support the program’s success. Program goals and benefits to students, staff and the overall community will be shared.  
Presenters: Kandy Frazier, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction; Jana Sawyer, District  ELL Coordinator; Ronna Patterson, Fairview Elementary Principal; and Lori Harter, Fairview Elementary Assistant Principal, Carthage R-IX School District

Change the Brain, Change the Child: Mindfulness in Education  Research has unequivocally proven Mindfulness in Education decreases anti-social behaviors and increases students’ pro-social behaviors while increasing achievement across the board. Data also tell us staff turnover is 49 percent less under this program, and staff take 20 percent fewer sick days during the year. Staffs report an increase in community consciousness during mindfulness-based programs. Learn how to improve the lives of those you serve while creating a harmonious environment for everyone. 
Presenter: Sharon K. Hepburn, Director of Midwest Expansion, Be Mindful

Pioneers in Education  [Back to Top]

In recognition of distinguished and devoted service to public education in Missouri, the honorary title of Missouri Pioneer in Education was presented to:

Panel Discussion: Gateway2Change  [Back to Top]

What would happen if we gave student leaders the “green light” to address issues like race head-on? High school students from across the city and county of St. Louis will discuss Gateway2Change, a movement started at EducationPlus which offers multiple opportunities for students to be active social reform agents for issues related to race and diversity via Student Summits on Race, a Sibling School partnership program, and community service projects.

Student leaders from participating school districts including Confluence Academies, Ferguson- Florissant R-II, Fox C-6, Francis Howell R-III, Hazelwood, Jennings, Kirkwood R-VII, Maplewood Richmond Heights, Parkway C-2, Pattonville R-III, Riverview Gardens, Ritenour, Rockwood R-VI, St. Louis City and University City will discuss the exceptional success they’ve catalyzed thus far and offer insights regarding the growing Gateway2Change movement. For more information, please visit:  http://www.edplus.org/gateway2Change.
Facilitator: Drew Schwartz, Director of Learning and Career Development, EducationPlus

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