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Educator Certification, including substitute certification: (573) 751-0051 or [email protected]

High School Equivalency (formerly GED):  (573) 751-3504 or [email protected]

Data Systems Management:  (573) 522-3207 or [email protected]

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Custodian of Records: (573) 751-3527 or [email protected]

Special Education:  (573) 751-5739 or [email protected]

Special Education - IEPs: (573) 751-0699 or [email protected]

Student discipline issues:  Under Missouri law, the board of education for your school district is authorized to establish “all needful rules and regulations” to govern the operation of your school district, including student discipline. For this reason, the Department does not have the authority to change a student’s suspension or expulsion from school. If you disagree with a decision by school officials or with the actions of a school employee, we recommend that you review your local school board policy to determine your options for resolving your complaint.  Local school district contact information  

Home schooling:  Home schooling is one option available for meeting the state's compulsory attendance law.  The Department does not regulate or monitor home schooling. There is no registration required with the state. There is no program for the inspection, approval, or accreditation of home schools in Missouri. The state does not provide any curriculum guidance. If your child currently attends a public school, the parent or legal guardian should follow the school’s policy on withdrawing the child from school. If a home-school student is enrolled in a public school, the school will follow local board policy for placement of the student. There is no state recognized high school diploma for home schooled students. Home schooled students may take the high school equivalency examination to obtain a HSE certificate. Missouri’s home schooling statutory requirements and frequently asked questions

Customer Service Representative: (573) 751-4212 or [email protected]

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