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Documentation for missourilearningstandards.com

  • Sidebar navigations - sidebar navigations are all controlled under dashboard - sidebar
    • There are several sidebars used on the site - they are controlled in where they display by what categories they are assigned to (i.e., Browse ELA Standards is assigned to English Language Arts Category - pages/posts with that category checked have that sidebar displaying
  • How to customize footer options and sidebar contact information
    Appearance - Widgets
    Choose Footer - Left, Footer - Middle, Footer - Right, Social Media. Also located here is Primary Sidebar - Contact Information and News Archive (which shows on every sidebar)

​​Documentation for moteachers.mo.gov

How to Embed YouTube Videos - all Wordpress sites

  • Go to the YouTube video and follow the Share - Embed options
  • Click show more and uncheck - show suggested videos
  • You can check show video title if you want
  • Copy the embed code

Now, iframe code cannot directly be pasted into Wordpress pages, we have to create what we call an HTML snippet (don't use insert - insert/edit video - this feature is not active)

  • Go back to Wordpress and select Settings - Raw HTML Snippets 
  • Click Add a new Raw HTML Snippet
  • Give your snippet a name (no spaces)
  • Paste the iframe embed code and select add snippet
  • Go back to the main Raw HTML Snippets page and highlight and copy the "Shortcode" (Ie, [raw_html_snippet id="test-video"])
  • Now go to the page where you want to embed the video, paste the text where you want the video to be placed and publish.

How to set whether a page has a sidebar navigation or not (MCDHH)

No sidebar navigation: set Template setting on right in edit mode to "Custom Template"

Sidebar Navigation: set Template setting on right in edit mode to "Default Template" and then you will choose a category above to choose which sidebar is displayed (Ie, 2015 Interpreters' Conference)

How to add a rotating feature image (ie, mcdhh.mo.gov)

  • Make sure image is 764 x 268 pixels, 72 dpi for web. Megg Houts would be happy to create any images needed.
  • Select New Royals Slider from left nav
  • Highlight MCDHH and select Edit
  • Add images
  • Select image from whereever you keep local copies of MCDHH files
  • Upload and add alternatives text as well as link to page or document. Close window
  • Hit Save Slider in the upper right.
  • If you need to re-sort the order of your feature images, just click and drag the images to the position you want them and select Save slider

How to remove a rotating feature image (ie, mcdhh.mo.gov)

  • Select New Royals Slider from left nav
  • Highlight MCDHH and select Edit
  • Click the X button in the upper right corner of the slide and select remove slide
  • Select Media from left navigation
  • Select images
  • Browse images and select checkbox in front of it.
  • Bulk actions dropdown, delete permanently and select apply button, This allows to keep our file library free from any unused images.

How to add/edit images on the Staff and Commissioners Page for MCDHH

How to add a new page in Wordpress (nowforlater.org)

  • In your dashboard - choose Pages - Add New
  • First, jump over to the Page attributes - Parent to the right and choose a parent page. This associates the page with a certain menu topic (ie, Access to Quality) If the page is only being linked from the homepage, leave it as (no parent)
  • Now, give the page a title. (ie, "Subpage")
  • Once you exit out of the Title area, you will notice a permalink area appears directly under the title. Modify what you want the address of the page to be if needed (ie, /quality/subpage/)
  • Leave Template as "Default Template"
  • Then create/paste in your content/format as usual.



How to review documents in your media library for file cleanup/deletion

So are there options to look through your media library (pdf documents, images, etc). and remove documents that are no longer in use? Yes!

  • In your Drupal dashboard, go to Media - library
  • Under all media items dropdown - select "Unattached' - these are all your files that are not linked into the site.
  • Delete all or delete one by one.

NOTE: I've encountered a few cases where images were in the list but linked into the site. Double-check before deleting.

​How to set the guest author name for Guest Author posts (moteachers)

You will see the Custom Fields option show up under Guest Author Fields area of the post

Any time you need to add a guest author name, follow these steps

  1. Go under Add New Custom Field, under "name", select guest-author from dropdown
  2. Under "value", add the guest author name and choose add.
  3. Under "Author Image", add or upload author image
  4. Under "Guest Author Info" add a short summary about the guest author.


  • Until you complete all the steps above, the information will not display correctly
  • If you do not see the Custom Fields option even available on your post - There is a “screen options” tab at top right – click it. Check the Custom Fields checkbox, then folow the steps above.

How to add a rotating feature (moteachers)

Click slideshows in sidebar dashboard

To add:

  • Click add new slide - give it a title (can be whatever you want, look at examples)
  • to the right, under slide groups - check the checkbox "great-teachers-home-slides"
  • set featured image by selecting option in lower right - either select image from library if it has already been uploaded or upload file.
  • slide URL on right is where you set your link for image. beginning with a forward slash, copy and paste in your link address (i.e., /great-teachers-test/2015/12/08/guest-teacher-column-linda-glasgow/)
  • update to publish slide

To remove: 

  • slideshows - hover over slide title link and select Trash