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Web Accessibility Resources

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Web Accessibility Overview

DESE Web Accessibility 101 Training Reference Materials (including testing procedures)

Effective: Once web accessibility trainings are complete in each office area, no later than November 1, 2016. Primary web publishers trained in August 2016.

Who: Web Content Publishers and Editors

1.Follow the web page accessibility procedures shared in the Web Accessibility 101 Training. This covers:

2.Quarterly web page accessibility reports: reports will be shared with primary office web publishers. They will review and share down with editors as needed
3.All new and updated PDF documents will REQUIRE an accessibility check completed before posted.

  • This will be conducted by either the primary or backup web publisher (see list of web publishers/editors
  • Submit new or updated pdf/doc/ppt/xls via email attachment or indicate location of file on I drive
  • 24 hour turnaround time, quicker if requested
  • Tyler or Lainie can be backups if both primary and backup out of office
  • Office web publishers: See Checking pdf files with the Acrobat accessibility checker for more information

Primary Web Publishers - when you run the accessibility report, it saves the file to: c:\Users\(username)\documents folder as an html file. You can share this report with the web maintainer if it found any errors. 


Creating Accessible PDF documents from Microsoft Publisher

the following includes some basic PDF export rules to set up an accessible Microsoft Publisher document

Other resources: