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Drupal How-To Documentation

Drupal Training Video

Drupal Webforms Feature

Drupal How-To (Advanced)

Drupal How-To Documentation

  1. Click in table, right-click table properties
  2. Under heading, choose first row, first column or both depending upon where your table headings are
  3. Make sure table width is blank or 100%. Remove if specific pixel widths are included

Drupal Training Video

Brent Foster put together a Drupal training video we can use for those that need to get up-to-speed quickly or need a refresher.

The following shows you at one points in the webinar it discusses each topic if you need to jump ahead.


  • Deleting Files 28:28
  • Multiple file upload 27:00
  • Replacing/updating files: 39:55
  • Searching for files 4:28
  • Uploading and Linking to documents 17:38
  • Uploading images 30:27

Editing pages

  • Anchors/Bookmarks 34:10
  • Fonts: 37:02
  • Pasting text onto page 8:05
  • Revisions Tab (Reverting back to previous pages) 42:00
  • Understanding edit buttons 6:45
  • View vs. Edit 5:30


  • Linking to documents 17:38
  • Linking to email addresses 16:00
  • Linking to external website  14:10
  • Linking to internal webpage 11:30


  • Changing password 1:00
  • Content Tab 2:25
  • Log in 0:30
  • Searching for web pages 2:30

Drupal Webforms Feature

Drupal has a feature to collect data, via a web form. These are public forms with no mechanism to lock down access. Currently Drupal web forms are used for general purpose data collection such as contact us or commenting on proposed rules.

In order for a form to be considered:

  • First, contact DESE Data System Management to determine the best route for data collection 
  • If data system management has determined the data to not be a combination of personally identifiable information (PII) and that the questions are not potentially collecting any sensitive information, it can be considered for a Drupal Web form
  • Submit an OHD ticket under DESE, Jefferson Building - Website - New Page - The ITSD web team will review and confirm it is not collecting any PII or sensitive information.

Drupal How-to's: (Advanced) Please note that the following tasks are assigned to specific staff. Please contact Lainie Strange with questions.

  • Creating tabs via content panes/minipanels​

  • When editing any set of tabs
    • Structure -  custom content panes
    • Locate set of tabs (ie, homepage_tab_topics, homepage_tab_services, homepage_tab_data or homepage_tab_department)
    • Click edit
    • The catch with this particular tab is that you have to make your edits in the source

    • IMPORTANT: Before you hit save, make sure to keep the text format on "Unfiltered". If you don't, it will strip out the icons prior to the links.

    • If you have any big changes to make, contact Lainie for assistance. 

  • Create New Pages (As mentioned previously, please evaluate whether you really need a new page or content should be added to a current page)
  • Add pages to a sidebar menu 
    • this includes both adding a page to a sidebar menu and
    • adding a page to an office or program BUT disabling it from displaying in sidebar menu
  • Edit main menu dropdown megamenus
  • Homepage - add/edit slider(s)
    • Find Content: MO:CMS Slider Images, Homepage Feature Slider, edit
    • To Add: "Add another item" at bottom, either upload or select from image library, hit next, make sure to add alternative text, do not add caption, add link URL, hit save at bottom
    • To Remove: Locate slide in list, hit remove under URL, hit save
    • To Reorders slides: Click the three-line image in front of the slide and drag up or down, hit save
    • Note: the actual homepage slider order is different. When the homepage loads, slide two loads first, then slide one loads last. FYI.
  • Homepage - edit video
    • Hover over right corner area  select edit  panel
    • Off to the right, select the gear icon next to the Custom: Video
    • Click the source button
    • Update the src= and title= properties only
    • Select Finish, Update and Save
  • Edit - top 10 by 20 sidebar menu - structure - blocks - Top 10 by 20 Menu (configure)
  • Ed Prep Directory
  • Quick Reference Guide
    • Shortcuts - Add Contact
    • Add description to first two fields, then select DESE as agency
    • Contact Information - Add phone/phone number, then under links, Add link and link path
    • Contacts List - Start typing Quick, then it will auto-lookup Quick Reference Guide, select
    • Save
  • Sample YouTube video embed: