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September 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
8:30 a.m.
State Board of Education Room
205 Jefferson Street, 1st Floor
Jefferson City, MO 65101

I.                Call to Order

II.              Agenda for September 15, 2015 Meeting of the State Board of Education  Approved, as presented

III.             Minutes of the August 10-11, 2015 Meeting of the State Board of Education  Motion carried:  Yes-7; No-0

IV.              President’s Report

V.               National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) Report

VI.             Setting of Closed Meeting of the State Board of Education  Motion carried:  Yes-6; No-0

VII.            Consent Agenda

                  A.   Consideration of Personnel Report  Motion carried:  Yes-6; No-0

VIII.          Items for Discussion

                  B.   Report on the Revisions of the Comprehensive Guide to the Missouri School Improvement Scoring Guide

                  C.   Update on Governmental Affairs/Legislative Priorities

                  D.   Use of Student Growth Measures in the Evaluation Process

                  E.   Report on Pre-Employment Transition Services (PETS) Project

                  F.   Discussion on the Top 10 by 20 Dashboard Measures

IX.             Items for Action

                  G.   Consideration of Adoption of the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Request  Motion carried:  Yes-7; No-0

                  H.   Consideration of an Order of Rulemaking to Adopt Rule 5 CSR 30-640.200 Early Learning Facilities Funding Formula for Lease Agreements  Motion carried:  Yes-7; No-0               

                  I.    Consideration of Compliance of Charter School Proposal:  Tessera Hall Academy  Motion carried:  Yes-7; No-0 

                  J.   Consideration to Approve Qualifying Scores for Elementary Mathematics Specialist and School Psychologist  Motion carried:  Yes-7; No-0 

X.               Licensure

                  K.   Consideration of Issuance of a Substitute Certificate of License to Teach to Michael L. Varner  PULLED FROM THE AGENDA

                  L.    Consideration to Discipline the License to Teach of Mary E. Brownell, Case # HR 15-012  Motion carried:  Yes-7; No-0 

                  M.  Consideration to Discipline the License to Teach of Sang Thi Duong, Case # HR 15-013  Motion carried:  Yes-7; No-0 

                  N.   Consideration to Discipline the License to Teach of La Tisha Michele Metts, Case # HR 14-073  Motion carried:  Yes-7; No-0 

                  O.   Consideration to Discipline the License to Teach of Jane E. Ware, Case # HR 15-004  Motion carried:  Yes-7; No-0 

                  P.   Consideration of Disciplinary Actions by Stipulation  Motion carried:  Yes-7; No-0 

                  Q.   Agenda Items for Two-Months in Advance of Current Meeting

XI.             Adjournment

XII.            Closed Session