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Proposed State Plan Changes 2019

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Proposed State Plan Changes 2019

Written comments for the proposed changes to the Part B State Plan were received during the time period which closed on January 24, 2019. The Department conducted two public hearing webinars regarding the proposed changes during the comment period. The Department received 136 written comments on the state plan. Based on the comments received, some modifications were made to the original proposed changes. A copy of the final proposed Part B state regulations and summaries of the comments and department responses for each regulation are listed below.

After the comment period closed, the proposed state plan changes were reviewed and approved by the State Board of Education at their February 2019 meeting.

At this time, the proposed changes are routing through the final approval process which includes 30 days with each of the following: Governor’s Office, JCAR (Administrative Rules Division and Joint Committee on Administrative Rules), SOS (Secretary of State), Missouri Register, and in the Code of State Regulations. The proposed state plan changes are tentatively set to be effective July 30, 2019. A Special Education Listserv (SELS) message will be sent when the changes take effect.