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Transition Summer Institute

2018 Transition Training Institute


The purpose of the institute is to focus on building statewide capacity in the areas of secondary transition and dropout prevention. Interagency regional planning teams, led by school personnel will work together to gain knowledge and skills to assist them in the development of stronger partnerships and capacity building at the local level to ensure a more coordinated and comprehensive framework for the provision of secondary transition services. Team members will participate in facilitated regional team planning to target effective practices for transition planning, improved transition services, and successful post-school outcomes for students with disabilities in the areas of employment, training, and independent living.

Intended outcomes:
1. Gain content knowledge for enhancing parent/family engagement in transition planning.
2. Gain knowledge and information regarding the provision of pre-employment transition services to students with disabilities.
3. Increase knowledge and application of strategies for dropout prevention, and college and career readiness.
4. Continue to build capacity at the regional and local level for stronger inter-agency partnerships and more engaged team members with a common goal or outcome.
5. Identify local level "effective practices", and develop a "plan of action" that will enhance post-secondary outcomes for all students, including student with disabilities.