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Transition Programs

 Early Warning Signs is a screening for middle and high schools to assist educators in identifying specific need for intervention in the areas of academics, behavior and attendance.  For more information, contact your Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) or Dr. Barb Gilpin.

Check & Connect is a model of sustained intervention for promoting students' engagement with school and learning. Demonstrated outcomes of Check & Connect implementation include the below.  Training is available from your Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC).  

  • decrease in truancy,
  • decrease in dropout rates,
  • increase in accrual of credits,
  • increase in school completion, and
  • impact on literacy.

The Check & Connect model originated from a partnership of researchers, practitioners, parents, and students led by the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota.

The Missouri Interagency Transition Team (MITT) was formed in 2007 to promote interagency collaboration in Missouri at the state-level by establishing a group vision for improving outcomes for young adults with disabilities.  The MITT, consisting of diverse state-level membership meets monthly to share resources, develop goals and promote concrete activities to improve transition education and services.

Missouri Post-Secondary Success (MPSS) is a multi-year transition and college and career competency (CCC) improvement initiative that provides face to face professional development and online support to interdisciplinary high school teams.  Teams learn to effectively teach and sustain the development of competencies which lead to success in both career and college settings.  Teams analyze data, choose evidence based instruction and work with stakeholders to provide ongoing supports to students as a part of the classroom experience.  To obtain additional information about how to access this training please contact Barb Gilpin or your local Regional Professional Development Consultant (RPDC).

Each of the nine regions of Missouri has a Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) consultant who specializes in transition. These consultants provide regional and local trainings on Transition Planning and the updated Form C, Transition Assessment, and other transition topics. They also provide a range of other consulting and continuous improvement services to meet the needs of teachers, administrators and school districts.

Dr. Ed O'Leary created the Transition Outcomes Project (TOP) to assist districts throughout the country to meet the IDEA and Indicator 13 transition compliance requirements. DESE has brought Dr. O'Leary and the TOP model to Missouri and about 50 districts have participated in this process including: training, reviewing IEPs, and analyzing district data generated from the IEP review. Finally, each district receives technical support and assistance in addressing needs related to meeting the transition requirements of IDEA. Contact your local Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) for more information.