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Low Incidence: Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Services, Resources, and Information

Missouri School for the Deaf

Established in 1851 by the Missouri Legislature, the Missouri School for the Deaf (MSD) provides a well-rounded education program for the Missouri's deaf children.

Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MCDHH)

The MCDHH works with individuals, service providers, businesses, organizations, and state agencies to improve the lives and opportunities of all Missourians with hearing loss.

Study: Services for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing In Missouri

John Heskett, Ed.D., Principal Investigator
November 2006

This study was commissioned by MO DESE's Division of Special Education to elicit information regarding services for deaf or hard of hearing children throughout the state of Missouri. The study sought to answer these five major research questions:

What are the most critical skills needed by students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (D/HOH) to achieve successful educational and adult outcomes?
What would be the best way to support students to learn these skills? Or, how can Missouri School of the Deaf (MSD) assist local agencies to ensure that all D/HOH students learn these skills?
Which of the critical services and supports is not being adequately provided by local education agencies (LEAs) or MSD at the current time? Should MSD provide summer sessions or short term specialized training coursed that focus on skills for students enrolled in local school districts? Specialized training for teachers?
What changes need to be made (e.g., training, policies, roles, funding streams, etc.) for MSD and LEAs to more effectively meet the needs of students who are D/HOH?
What would be the most effective way to utilize current (and possibly future) Outreach Staff from MSD? Is there a need for new services from MSD?

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