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Sound System Disorder (Articulation and/or Phonology)

Eligibility Criteria

A Sound System Disorder, which includes articulation and/or phonology, is present when:

(1) The student exhibits a delay of correct sound production based on state designated normative data.The child’s sound system is significantly delayed based on a single word test and/or a sentence/phrase repetition task and a connected speech sample with consideration given to the type of error recorded (substitutions, omissions, distortions, and/or additions).These errors may be described as single sound errors or errors in phonological patterns or multiple errors in the child’s speech that compromise intelligibility and/or listener perception even though the recorded errors are considered within normal developmental guidelines;
(2) The Sound System Disorder adversely affects the child’s educational performance; and,
(3) The Sound System Disorder is not a result of dialectal differences or second language influence.

Sufficient data is present in the evaluation report to document the existence of a disorder due to multiple errors in the sound system which compromise the child’s intelligibility and/or the developmental guidelines (professional judgment)

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