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Immigrant Children and Youth Grant

Immigrant Children and Youth Grant (NCLB, 3301 (6))

Title III, NCLB, provides additional financial assistance to local school districts with immigrant students. Funds flow through state educational agencies in the form of discretionary grants. For purposes of this program, the term “immigrant children” is defined as children:

  • who are ages 3 through 21
  • who were not born in this country, and
  • who have not been attending schools in one or more states for less than three complete academic years.

Grant activities include:

  • Family literacy, parent outreach, and training activities designed to assist parents to become active participants in the education of their children;
  • Supplemental support of personnel, including teacher aides who have been specially trained, or are being trained, to provide services to immigrant children and youth;
  • Provision of tutorials, mentoring, and academic or career counseling for immigrant children and youth;
  • Identification and acquisition of curricular materials, educational software, and technologies to be used in the program;
  • Basic instructional resources that are directly attributable to the presence in the school district of immigrant children and youth, including the payment of costs of providing additional classroom supplies, transportation, or such other costs as are directly attributable to such additional basic instruction services;
  • Other supplemental services that are designed to assist immigrant children and youth to achieve in elementary schools and secondary schools in the United States, such as orientation to the educational system or civics education.

Answers to questions about Title III Immigrant

  1. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education does not collect information on the legal basis for any student’s current residence in the US (e.g. citizenship status, permanent residency, visas, etc.).
  2. Students adopted by U.S. citizens and foreign exchange students may be identified as Immigrant (Title III) code if they meet the above three criteria.
  3. According to the U.S. Department of Education, students born in the territories of the United States other than Puerto Rico are not considered born in the US for purposes of determining immigrants under Title III. These territories include American Samoa, Guam, Marianas Islands, and U.S. Virgin Islands. These students are considered 'not born in the US'. Children born outside the US to military personnel and children born outside the US and adopted by US citizens are considered 'not born in the US'.