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Summer School Plan

Summer School Plan due June 1, 2019

LEAs planning to use federal funds for summer school must submit the "2017 Federal Programs Proposed Summer School Plan".  LEAs will be allowed to use federal funds (Title I and/or REAP) for summer school if and when the key issue of supplant is addressed (see below).  Title I.C Migrant and Title III summer programs are not impacted.

The following guidelines should help avoid supplant issues:

  1. The district must first take advantage of the funds available through a state-supported summer school.

  2. The district may not use federal funds to meet state requirements (i.e., reading requirements under Senate Bill 319).

  3. If the district serves both Title I students and non-Title I students, the district must fund locally (or with state funds) the same level of services for both Title I and non-Title I students before Title I funds can be accessed.
  4. Title I funds can be used only for the excess costs incurred for services for Title I students. The district will be required to provide a spreadsheet documenting excess costs.

  5. The district must complete a Federal Programs Summer School plan showing the type of services, estimated number of hours of instruction, estimated number of students to be served, and projected costs.

  6. After the summer school is complete, the district must complete a spreadsheet that documents actual attendance hours and calculation of costs of federal portion of summer school.