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Fed. Prog. Automated Budget Instructions

Instructions for Completing Automated Application for Federal Funds

Browser Standard for DESE’s Online Applications

School district personnel must register to receive a user id and a password in order to access various online application/reporting programs. Anyone may access online application through "Public Applications" without a user ID or password.  Public Applications are for viewing only.

For forgotten or unknown user ids/passwords, send your questions to [email protected] or fax to Security Administrator, 573-526-4125.  Please provide your name, school district name, and county-district code with your request.

Step 1

Step 2

  • When logging in, make sure to use all lower case letters.
  • Type in your USER ID that has been assigned to you. 
  • Type in your password (up to 10 characters that a district representative has selected).
  • Use mouse to click on the "LOGIN" Button.

Step 3

  • The "DESE Web Applications" Page is displayed.
  • From the Applications Menu, click on "ePeGS" under "Cross Divisional Systems".

Step 4

  • Select "Funding Application".
  • Select "School Improvement".
  • Select the "NCLB Consolidated".

For additional help you may contact your Federal Compliance Supervisor.