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Benefits to the Student, School and Community

Service-Learning Benefits to the Student, School and Community image

Through Service-Learning, communication and interaction between students, teachers, and community partners develops into an open and energetic environment. All partners work together to identify needs in the community; set goals and designate responsibilities for themselves and volunteers; reflect and discuss highs and lows of the project; and all parties celebrate their accomplishments.

This communication and collaboration creates an atmosphere within the school and community that is caring, positive and beneficial to everyone involved. Teachers cultivate a stronger relationship with students and students learn real-world applications for classroom activities they might otherwise not have made. Community members see the youth doing things that benefit society.

What Service-Learning Does:

  • Inspires Youth to Learn
  • Improve Student’s Performance and Interest In School
  • Cultivates a Positive School Environment
  • Develops Stronger Ties to School, Community, and Society
  • Helps Deter Risky Behavior
  • Exploration Of Various Career Pathways
  • Encourages Respect of others from diverse and multicultural backgrounds
  • Promotes Community Support for the School
  • Maximizes Volunteers /Community Resources