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Extended Learning

The Extended Learning Section is responsible for overseeing two federally funded programs at the state level: 1) the Afterschool Program, and 2) the Learn and Serve America (Service-Learning) Program. Below is a brief description of each program but you can find much more information (grant funding announcements, news and updates, technical assistance, training opportunities, etc.) by clicking on each program button on the left side of this page.

Afterschool programs provide a safe, caring, and nurturing place for extended learning, social, recreational, academic, and personal life skills development for students during non-school hours (before- and/or after-school). Afterschool programs foster partnerships among the schools, parents/families, and communities. Federal and State grant competitions are periodically available.

Service-Learning is a teaching method that combines classroom studies with community service in a way that improves student academic grades and increases school attendance and helps students develop personal and social responsibility while at the same time improving their community. Service-Learning programs benefit students during the regular school day and also as part of an Afterschool program.