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Module Training

The First Steps Online Module Trainings were designed to provide general information about First Steps (Part C of IDEA) to a variety of audiences, including service coordinators, providers, higher education faculty, local educational agency (LEA) personnel and other stakeholders. 

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Module Overview

Module 1 - Orientation

Module 1: Orientation covers the philosophy of the First Steps system, the legal requirements of Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and information about the way First Steps operates in Missouri, including how the process is conducted between families and professionals.

Module 2 - Eligibility Determination

Module 2: Eligibility Determination covers screening, evaluation and assessment and the eligibility process, as well as writing evaluation and assessment reports.  This module also includes information about informed clinical opinion, natural environments and the First Steps beliefs statements.

Module 3 - Individualized Family Service Plan

Module 3: Individualized Family Service Plan covers the procedures and the process of writing an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that focuses on child and family outcomes. This module will address the legal procedures for developing an IFSP, what information is required to be in an IFSP, and how to write an IFSP in order to have a better understanding of why natural environments are important in First Steps and how the family is involved in IFSP planning and services.

Module 4 - Transition

Module 4: Transition provides Missouri's early intervention providers information about the transition processes that are part of the First Steps system. This module addresses the components of transition as required by Part C and provides suggestions for ensuring that transitions are smooth and effective for children and their families.

Module 5 - Family Engagement

Module 5: Family Engagement provides Missouri's early intervention providers information that addresses working with families with multiple risks, maintaining professional boundaries and conducting high quality and meaningful home visits.  Information on cultural competence and ethical considerations is also included in the module. 

Module 6 -Early Intervention Teams

Module 6: Early Intervention Teams provides an introduction to transdisciplinary teams as utilized by the First Steps program.  This module includes an overview of multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams, the rationale and structure for early intervention teams, and guidelines for effective teaming.

Module 7 -Early Childhood Outcomes

Module 7: Early Childhood Outcomes focuses on skills children use to be successful in everyday routines and activities, as well as, skills to be successful in future school settings.  

Module 8 –Foundational Practices in Early Intervention

Module 8: Foundational Practices in Early Intervention are the skills professionals use to be successful during interactions and activities with young children and families.  Determining the effectiveness of those skills require careful consideration of multiple sources through evidence-based decision-making. This module identifies foundational practices within key areas of early intervention.

Clock Hours

DESE equates the instructional/seat time spent to successfully complete (pass) the online modules and can be used when applying for clock hours as directed by your licensing board.

Training Title
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Module 1: 
Module 2: 
Eligibility Determination
Module 3: 
Individualized Family Service Plan
Module 4: 
Module 5: 
Family Engagement
Module 6: 
Early Intervention Teams
Module 7: 
Early Childhood Outcomes
Module 8: 
Practices in Early Intervention