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MSIP 6 Standards and Indicators

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The MSIP 6 Standards and Indicators are available for comment from December 16, 2019 through January 15, 2020.

Complete Rule

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Domain: Leadership (L)

Individual Standard
Comment on Standard and Individual Indicators
L1 - The local board and superintendent/chief executive officer engage in ongoing professional learning and self-evaluation in order to strengthen governance practices. Click here
L2 - The local board and administration conduct school system business in an ethical, legal, and transparent manner. Click here
L3 - The local board adopts, monitors, and annually reviews the implementation and outcomes of the Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) that focuses on district performance and improvement. Click here
L4 - The school system manages school operations and resources to promote each student’s academic success and well-being in accordance with priorities established in the CSIP. Click here
L5 - The local board establishes and implements policies that provide a framework within which the school system operates and ensures legal compliance.  Click here
L6 - The local board employs a superintendent/chief executive officer to manage school system operations and evaluates their job performance. Click here
L7 - The local board and administration use sufficient and accurate data to make decisions and regularly evaluate district programs, practices, procedures, and attainment of the school system vision, mission, and goals. Click here
L8 - The school system provides for two-way, reliable, and representative communication with all stakeholders. Click here
L9 - The local board and administration provides sufficient staffing of qualified and highly effective personnel to achieve the school system’s vision, mission, and goals. Click here
L10 - The district actively addresses school safety and security in all facilities. Click here

Domain: Effective Teaching and Learning (TL)

Individual Standard
Comment on Standard and Individual Indicators
TL1 - Students and identified student groups demonstrate on-track performance on multiple measures of success by meeting or exceeding the state standard and/or demonstrating significant measureable improvement.  Click here
TL2 - The school system administers assessments required by the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) to measure academic achievement and demonstrates improvement in the performance of its students over time. Click here
TL3 - The school system ensures all students successfully complete high school. Click here
TL4 - The school system ensures the success of student preparation for postsecondary work and education.  Click here
TL5 - The school system ensures the birth through prekindergarten population has access to high-quality early learning experiences. Click here
TL6 - The school system is intentional in providing relevant, high-quality career technical education and/or advanced professional studies based on students’ ICAPs. Click here
TL7 - The school system prepares students through the development of essential intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Click here
TL8 - The school system implements board-adopted teacher/leader standards to ensure effective instructional staff for each student. Click here
TL9 - Evidence-based instructional practices are implemented to ensure the success of each student. Click here
TL10 - The school system provides a comprehensive multi-tiered system of support that addresses the academic, emotional, behavioral, social, and physical needs of each student.  Click here
TL11 - Professional learning activities support effective instructional practices in the school system. Click here
TL12 - The school system ensures that technology effectively supports teaching and learning.  Click here

TL13 - The school system provides school counseling services to support the career, academic, and social/emotional development of all students.

Click here
TL14 - Library Media Services (LMS) support instruction. Click here
TL15 - The school system ensures class-sizes are consistent with grade-level and program standards. Click here

Domain: Collaborative Climate and Culture (CC)

Individual Standard
Comment on Standard and Individual Indicators
CC1 - The school system provides an environment in which all are treated with respect and have a sense of safety and ownership of their work and learning.  Click here
CC2 - The school system establishes a culture focused on learning, characterized by high academic and behavioral expectations for each student. Click here
CC3 - The school system creates and maintains collaborative opportunities and relationships with school districts, business, industry, postsecondary institutions, and other entities to create or maintain well-rounded educational opportunities for students and educators. Click here
CC4 - The school system provides opportunities for parents/guardians to learn about the intellectual and developmental needs of their children, at all ages, and to participate constructively in their children’s education.  Click here
CC5 - The school system ensures the equity of educational experiences for all students. Click here

Domain: Data-Based Decision Making (DB)

Individual Standard
Comment on Standard and Individual Indicators
DB1 - The school system submits data required by the department in an accurate and timely manner. Click here
DB2 - School system and building leaders are intentional agents of continuous and innovative improvement to provide relevant learning experiences that promote academic success so each student can meet the changing demands of the world around them. Click here
DB3 - The school system gathers school climate and culture data from all stakeholder groups, analyzes and shares the results, and implements strategies for improvement. Click here
DB4 - School-based collaborative educator teams, inclusive of all educators, are operational and focus on effective practices. Click here

Domain: Alignment of Standards, Curriculum and Assessment (AS)

Individual Standard
Comment on Standard and Individual Indicators
AS1 - Instructional staff implement a comprehensive, rigorous, guaranteed, and viable curriculum for all instructional courses and programs aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards where applicable. Click here
AS2 - The school system implements a comprehensive assessment system including state required and locally selected assessments. Click here

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