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Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

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Elementary and Secondary Education

2020-21 Due Process Decisions

Due process hearing decisions are only binding on the actual parties involved in that particular case regarding a specific student. These decisions are not binding in any other situation as they are not like court cases. Additionally, a due process hearing decision is subject to appeals in court and thus may be either upheld or overturned in a later court case.

Public Hearings Schedule for Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Five public hearings on vocational rehabilitation services will take place throughout the state in March. The hearings will be conducted by Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation (MVR) to gain feedback on ways to improve services for individuals with disabilities. Input is welcome regarding MVR’s goals and priorities found in the current state plan.

Public Hearing Schedule

March 2
10:00 a.m. - noon


Annual Performance Reports for Educator Preparation Programs Now Available

Results from the latest Annual Performance Reports for Educator Preparation Programs (APR-EPPs) have been released to provide information about Educator Preparation Programs to the public, particularly to those pursuing a career in teaching or an advanced degree in education. The APR-EPPs can help those individuals better determine the preparation program in Missouri that’s best suited for them.