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Senate Bill 380 Outstanding Schools Act

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Senate Bill 380 Outstanding Schools Act

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Section 88.790 Assessment of public property--street repairs (cities, under 30,000).
Section 108.180 Bond issue--funds kept separate.
Section 143.071 Corporations.
Section 143.171 Federal income tax deduction, amount, corporation and individual taxpayers.
Section 144.700 Revenue placed in general revenue, exception placement in school district trust fund--payment under protest, procedure, appeal, refund.
Section 144.701 One cent sales and use tax designated local tax--collection fee allowed state--school district trust fund created, investment.
Section 149.015 Rate of tax--how stamped--samples, how taxed--tax impact to be on consumer--fair share school fund, distribution.
Section 151.150 Apportionment by county commission of schools by railroads.
Section 160.041 Minimum school day, school month, school year, defined--reduction of required number of hours and days, when.
Section 160.268 Excellence in education revolving fund established--purposes--funding, administration of fund--exempt from transfer to general revenue.
Section 160.500 Citation of law--outstanding schools trust fund--commissioner of administration, estimates--state treasurer, duties, transfer of funds.
Section 160.514 Academic performance standards, adoption by state board, standards--procedure for adoption--development of written curriculum frameworks--adoption of written curriculum by boards of education.
Section 160.518 Statewide assessment system, standards, restriction--exemplary levels, outstanding school waivers-summary waiver of pupil testing requirements--waiver void, when.
Section 160.522 Annual public reporting of information by school districts, distribution--multiple reporting models, contents--summary of accreditation, contents.
Section 160.526 Development of academic standards and assessment system, criteria--assistance of experts--notification of implementation of system, legislative veto--professional advice and counsel.
Section 160.530 Eligibility for state aid, allocation of funds to professional development committee--statewide areas of critical need, funds--success leads to success grant program created, purpose.
Section 160.534 Excursion gambling boat proceeds, transfer to gaming proceeds for education fund and state school moneys fund.
Section 160.545 A+ School Program established--purpose--rules--variable fund match requirement--waiver of rules and regulations, requirement--reimbursement for higher education costs for students--evaluation.
Section 161.099 Department to ensure that curriculum promotes preparation of teachers.
Section 161.520 Districts in financial stress, factors determining--notification to district school board, contents--board to prepare budget and education plan, contents.
Section 161.610 Procedure for reporting performance of high school graduates completing vocational education programs--procedure--data included--public reports.
Section 162.081 lapse of district corporate organization, grounds, effect--hearing prior to determination of attachment of territory of lapsed district--special administrative board--employment interviews for teacher of lapsed 
district, when--division of district, vote, when.
Section 162.203 Orientation and training requirements for board members initially elected or appointed.
Section 163.011 Definitions--method of calculating state aid.
Section 163.011 Definitions--method of calculating state aid--contingent effective date.
Section 163.013 Schools offering both kindergarten and transportation, state aid, how computed.
Section 163.021 Eligibility for state aid, requirements--evaluation of correlation of rates and assessed valuation, report, calculation--further requirements--exception.
Section 163.023 School district with operating levy below minimum value classified unaccredited, when--procedure for classification.
Section 163.031 State aid--amount, how determined--deductions--categorical add-on revenue, determination of amount--district apportionment, determination of--adjustment of operating levy--minimum revenue--waiver of rules--deposits to outstanding schools trust fund, when--placement of funds 
Section 163.031 State aid--amount, how determined--deductions--categorical add-on revenue, determination of amount--district apportionment, determination of--adjustment of operating levy--minimum revenue--waiver of rules--deposits to outstanding schools trust fund, when--placement of funds received--penalty--contingent effective date.
Section 163.036 Estimates of daily average attendance, authorized, how computed--error in computation between actual and estimated attendance, how corrected--use of assessed valuation for state aid.
Section 163.071 State aid for pupils residing on federal lands.
Section 163.087 School district trust fund distribution, certain school districts--eligible pupils defined--districts foregoing reduction in total operating levy, calculation of entitlement.
Section 163.161 State aid for transportation of pupils--powers of state board to approve routes, or portions of routes--effect--limitations on use of funds.
Section 163.172 Minimum teacher's salary--information to be provided to general assembly--salary defined--general assembly to appropriate funds--district qualifications, limitations.
Section 164.013 Schools, certain districts, operating levy adjustment required when, effect--not to affect senior citizens tax relief benefit.
Section 165.011 Tuition--accounting of school moneys, funds--uses--transfers to and from incidental fund, when.
Section 165.051 Investment of surplus funds.
Section 166.275 Appropriations to satisfy certain judgments transferred to school moneys fund--amount, distribution.
Section 166.300 Definitions--School building Revolving Fund created--lease purchases for projects, plan--eligibility for a lease purchase--ranking of projects--plan waived, when--repayment, interest--failure to make annual payments, state to take possesion of buildings, procedures.
Section 167.031 School attendance compulsory, who may be excused--nonattendance, penalty--home school, definition, requirements--school year defined--daily log, defense to prosecution.
Section 167.131 District not accredited shall pay tuition and transportation, when--amount charged.
Section 167.241 Transportation of pupils to another district.
Section 168.505 Teacher receiving career pay not to affect district base pay.
Section 168.515 Salary supplement for participants in career plan--method of distribution--amounts--matching funds, formula, contributions--bonus contribution, when--review of career pay--tax levy authorized, when--use of funds--exception to contribution.
Section 173.750 Annual reporting of performance of graduates, furnishing of report--procedure--data included.
Section 177.051 Conveyance of property to public institution of higher education.
Section 177.061 Conveyance of sixteenth-section lands.
Section 177.073 Procurement of sites--sale or lease of property, procedure--deposit of proceeds.
Section 177.091 Elementary and high schools, establishment--acquisition of additional grounds--sale of property, distribution of proceeds.
Section 178.585 Upgrade of vocational and technical education--advisory committees--listing of demand occupations--use of funds.
Section 178.693 Educational and screening programs--reimbursement by state.
Section 178.697 Costs not to exceed appropriations.
Section 178.698 Plan to distribute funds to allow voluntary participation.

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