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USDA Foods SY 16-17

Non-Processed USDA Foods for SY 16-17 via the Packet

Missouri LEAs which elected to receive Non-Processed USDA Foods in SY 16-17 via the USDA Foods Packet which was due to DESE on 2/26/16 can review the revised expected delivery schedule in the below documents.  Unless mentioned in bullet points below, all orders should match the requests submitted to DESE.  Each LEA has information for August 2016 through April 2017 deliveries spanning 5 pages.  The range of LEA agreement numbers contained in each document is listed via the hyperlink.  If an LEA is not found within the document of the expected range, this signifies DESE did not receive requests from your LEA to receive any of the Non-Processed USDA Foods items.  Questions regarding the Non-Processed USDA Food orders or if changes need to be made, please contact Andy Dudenhoeffer, 573-522-1974. 

Information regarding the revisions from the expected delivery schedule proposed in the USDA Foods Packet for SY 16-17:

  • All orders have been placed with USDA but are not guaranteed until the trucks are procured/purchased. Any variations from the expected delivery schedule will be posted on this page.  Trucks yet to be purchased will have a case price of TBD (To Be Determined) and highlighted yellow in the document.