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USDA Foods SY 14-15

Non-Processed USDA Foods for SY 14-15 via the Packet


Missouri LEAs which elected to receive Non-Processed USDA Foods in SY 14-15 via the USDA Foods Packet which was due to DESE on 2/28/14 can review the expected delivery schedule on the below documents.  Each LEA has information on 8 pages.  The range of LEA agreement numbers contained in each document is listed by the link.  If your LEA is not listed on the document in the expected range, this means DESE did not receive requests from your LEA to receive any of the Non-Processed USDA Foods items.  If you have any questions regarding your expected orders, please contact Matthew Essner, 573-522-1974.  A few notes regarding the expected delivery schedule:

  • 100101 – Diced Chicken, 100173 – Pork Roasts, and 100187 – Sliced Ham were slightly adjusted down for some LEAs to meet truckload quantities.
  • 100123 – Whole Turkey cases were converted to 100125 – Turkey Roasts due to the low number of requests which could not justify a truckload purchase.
  • 100188 – Diced Ham was originally anticipated for Sep-Apr delivery but will not be available until Nov-Apr delivery.
  • All orders have been placed with USDA but are not guaranteed until the trucks are procured/purchased. Any variations from the expected delivery schedule will be posted on this page.  Trucks yet to be purchased will have a case price of TBD and highlighted yellow in the document.
  • Pricing for the Non-Processed USDA Foods items is located in the column heading. Prices will be updated throughout the year to reflect the USDA purchase price. Documents will be updated and the date in the footer will notate when the document was last updated.
  • **UPDATE 9/24/2014** 100887-Canned Chicken, USDA was unable to purchase any trucks of 100887 for SY 14-15. All orders have been cancelled.
  • **UPDATE 2/2/2015** 100121-Deli Turkey, USDA has delayed the delivery of 100121.  Dec adjustments were made to deplete the first truck received.  Remaining Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar amounts currently have been moved to Apr; however the truck is still un-purchased by USDA and may not be purchased. 
  • **UPDATE 2/2/2015**  110080-Oven Roasted Chicken, USDA was unable to purchase the second truck of 110080 for SY 14-15.  All remaining orders for Mar and Apr have been cancelled.


001-014 through 019-148

019-149 through 036-408

036-409 through 048-923

049-066 through 068-075

068-400 through 090-077

090-078 through 097-127

097-130 through 115-919