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Supply Chain Assistance for Schools

The USDA Food and Nutrition Service is making funding available for supply chain assistance. This funding is in response to the challenges in purchasing and receiving food that districts are experiencing in School Year 2021-22.  Many districts are experiencing challenges in purchasing and receiving food through their normal distribution channels. To assist districts with supply chain disruptions, the Food and Nutrition Service office will provide Missouri districts up to $19,275,389 in relief funding. This funding will enhance efforts to strengthen local food supply chains, and help districts to overcome financial and operational barriers while maintaining children’s access to nutritious meals.

The FNS office will distribute funds to participating districts to help defray the costs of unanticipated cancellation of food contracts, reduced availability of foods, unexpected substitution of products, and unpredictable increases in food prices. The funds will support direct purchasing of domestically grown, unprocessed or minimally processed food products by districts.

  1. First, review the Supply Chain Assistance (SCA) Frequently Asked Questions document
  2. Next, view the amount of SCA funds will my eligible LEA receive.  The amount of SCA funds are listed in the preliminary list on the Supply Chain Assistance LEA Lookup Tool
  3. To receive these funds, the LEA must agree and complete the required Supply Chain Assistance attestation statement survey that was sent to the Authorized Representative via email.  Schools that complete the attestation statement survey in March can expect to receive SCA funds in April.  This electronic payment will be deposited into the schools non-profit school food service account.

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