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New for 2019-2020 School Year

2020 USDA Foods Expo Details:
  • FEBRUARY 27, 2020

      REGISTRATION NOW! The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Food & Nutrition Services team is hosting their annual USDA FOODS EXPO SHOW on February 27, 2020 at the Holiday Inn Expo Center, Columbia, MO.  This will be a one day event and registration is required.  Register for the 2020 USDA Foods Expo at: USDA Foods Expo Registration.


Streamlining Program Requirements Improving Integrity SFSP


19-20 Reimbursement Rates

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Information

SP-16-2019 - School Breakfast Program: Substitution of Vegetables for Fruit 

2018 Equipment Assistance Grant Information

SP-18-2018 - Child Nutrition Programs' Flexibilities for School Year 2018-19