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Lindenwood University

209 South Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301
Certification Officer: 
Subjectsort ascending Grade Type Matrix Program of Study
Vocal Music K-12 Regular
Vocal Music K-12 Alternative
Technology and Engineering 5-9 Alternative
Technology and Engineering 5-9 Regular
Technology and Engineering 9-12 Regular
Technology and Engineering 9-12 Alternative
Superintendent K-12 Regular
Speech and Theatre 5-9 Alternative
Speech and Theatre 9-12 Regular
Speech and Theatre 9-12 Alternative
Special Reading K-12 Regular
Special Education Director K-12 Regular
Spanish K-12 Regular
Social Science 5-9 Alternative
Social Science 9-12 Regular
Social Science 9-12 Alternative
Social Science 5-9 Regular
Secondary Principal 7-12 Regular
Secondary Counselor 7-12 Regular
Science 5-9 Regular
Science 5-9 Alternative
School Psychological Examiner K-12 Regular
School Leader K-12 Regular
Physical Education K-12 Regular
Physical Education K-12 Alternative
Mild/Moderate: Cross Categorical K-12 Regular
Mathematics 5-9 Alternative
Mathematics 9-12 Alternative
Mathematics 9-12 Regular
Mathematics 5-9 Regular
Marketing 9-12 Regular
Library Media Specialist K-12 Regular
Language Arts 5-9 Regular
Language Arts 5-9 Alternative
Instrumental Music K-12 Regular
Instrumental Music K-12 Alternative
Health K-12 Regular
Health K-12 Alternative
Gifted Education K-12 Regular
French K-12 Regular
French K-12 Alternative
English Language Learners K-12 Regular
English 9-12 Regular
English 9-12 Alternative
Elementary Principal K-8 Regular
Elementary Mathematics Specialist 1-6 Regular
Elementary Education 1-6 Regular
Elementary Counselor K-8 Regular
Early Childhood Special Education B-3 Regular
Early Childhood Education B-3 Regular
Dance K-12 Alternative
Chemistry 9-12 Regular
Chemistry 9-12 Alternative
Business Education 9-12 Regular
Business Education 9-12 Alternative
Business Education 5-9 Regular
Business Education 5-9 Alternative
Biology 9-12 Alternative
Biology 9-12 Regular
Art K-12 Regular
Art K-12 Alternative