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MoSTEP Institutional Handbook

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Part I - Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Conditions and Procedures for Approving Professional Education Programs
  • Site Visit Protocol and Timeline
  • The Standards
  • The Site Visit Coordinator
  • The Standards
  • The Site Visit Coordinator
  • Selecting a Date for the Site Visit
  • Selection of Candidate Portfolios for Examination
  • Arranging for and Conducting the Pre-Visit Meeting
  • Site Visit Logistics
  • More About the Team Work Rooms and Exhibit Room
  • Suggestions for Compiling Material for Each Program
  • Selection and Appointment of Examining Team Members
  • Unit and Program Documentation Reviewed Prior to and During the Site Visit
  • Standard by Standard Highlights
  • Issues to Address in the Unit’s Outline of the Institutional Report
  • Conducting the Site Visit
  • Interviews
  • Classroom Observations
  • Visits to Field Sites
  • Branch Campuses, Off-campus Programs, and Distance Learning Programs
  • The Exit Conference
  • The MoSTEP Examiner's Report
  • Institutional Rejoinder to the MoSTEP Examiners' Report
  • Appendices: