MO Performance Assessments

Purpose: The Missouri Standards-Based Performance Assessments will be designed to demonstrate performance in content, coursework, and field experiences during the candidates' internship(s). 

The Office of Educator Quality – Educator Preparation in collaboration with the Missouri Educator Evaluation System/Annual Performance Report (MEES/APR) Workgroup, School Counselor Workgroup, Missouri Professors of Education Administration (MPEA) Workgroup, and the School Librarian Workgroup have identified passing scores for the following performance assessments for the 2020-20 academic year. The performance assessments will be scored at the educator preparation level.

MEES for Teacher Candidates – Combined Summative Score (PS + CT) of 42 points*

MEES for School Counselor Candidates – Combined Summative Score (PS + Site Supervisor) of 25 points*

MEES for School Librarian Candidates – Combined Summative Score (PS + Site Supervisor) of 28 points*

MPEA School Leaders Performance Assessment – 10 points*

Candidates must meet or exceed the minimum passing score in order to be recommended for certification.  

* Passing scores are only valid for the 2021-2022 academic year.