Preschool Development Grant B-5


  Early Learning & Early Literacy is one of the key priority areas in the Department’s strategic plan,            Show Me Success. The Preschool Development Grant provides us the opportunity to support this     plan and the efforts of our important partners.



Our Goal

Every child is ready for school

Our Objective

 Provide access to quality early learning opportunities


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When did Missouri receive the Preschool Development Grant? 

Year 2 Application Revised March 2021

Year 2 Application November 2020

Renewal Press Release December 2019

Renewal Application November 2019

Initial Press Release  January 2019

Initial Application November 2018

The effort to submit the applications was made possible in part by support from Missouri Foundation for Health.

What have we learned?

From Parents 

From Professionals 

From Partners

From Communities 

Where are we going?

Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS)

Logic Model 

Strategic Plan Overview

2020 Early Care & Education Strategic Plan - Full Copy

How will we get there?

PDG B-5 Activities At-A-Glance 2021

PDG Monthly Dashboard


If you have questions, or would like more information about the Preschool Development Grant, email