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Early Learning Blended Funding

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Early Learning Blended Funding Worksheet

This excel worksheet is available to assist LEAs as they consider pooling various funding sources to support early childhood services for children under the age of kindergarten entry. The LEA will need to identify the estimated cost of providing preschool services along with the number of slots associated with each funding stream and the contribution of funds from each source.

Determining Costs 

  • The estimated costs include expenditures that support every participating child. If a cost is specific to a child or a specific group of children, ie. specific to ECSE, those cost would not be included as a blended funding cost. The estimated costs must be for expenditures that benefit 100% of the children being served in the classroom.

Assigning Slots

  • Children served under the ECSE slots must have IEP’s that require preschool instruction.  If a child has an IEP that requires speech/language services but does not require preschool instruction they can participate in the blended program but should be reported in the All Other slots.
  • Title I slots are for children that meet the Title I eligibility requirements established by the district.
  • All Other slots are for children that do not have an IEP requiring preschool instruction and do not meet Title I eligibility.

Reporting Funding

  • The excel worksheet has two tabs, Blending with Title I and Blending without Title I.  Districts must choose the worksheet tab appropriate for the funding sources to be utilized.
  • Estimated Title I Funds should be the amount of Title I funds the LEA plans to set aside for the early learning blended program.
  • Estimated State funds refer only to the MPP awards that are currently available to the LEA.  Not all LEAs have MPP funds available.
  • Once the Title I Funds and State funds are entered the worksheet will calculate the additional funds needed to support the Early Learning Blended Program.  At this time, Average Daily Attendance, ADA, is not included in the worksheet but can be viewed as part of the local funds at this time.

If additional information is needed to complete the worksheet, contact the Early Learning Section at 573-751-2095.

Blended Funding Worksheet

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