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Student Information System

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The Student Information System Contract is intended to assist districts in managing student data, planning for educational programs and complying with state and federal reporting requirements. This system will support daily functions at the school/district level.  

The Administrative Memorandum sent to Superintendents regarding the award may be viewed at: DSM-12-001 Student Information System Contract Awarded


School districts wishing to purchase the system at a predetermined rate without going through their own Request for Proposal (RFP) process may contact Tyler Technologies, Inc. When contacting Tyler Technologies, Inc., reference the contract C211018001. Tyler Technologies, Inc. may be reached at:

116 Cliff Cave Road
St. Louis, MO 63129

Toll Free: 888-445-8503
Fax: 314-846-9860
Email: info@Tylertech.com

Tyler Technologies Inc. Website: http://www.tylertech.com/

The published RFP can be viewed and printed at

by selecting Search by Contract Number and by entering the criteria contract = C211018001and continuing by pressing "enter."

All other questions can be directed to dsm@dese.mo.gov

Frequently asked questions

What does awarding a SIS vendor mean?  Awarding a contract to a vendor will allow districts to purchase the system at a pre-determined rate without going through their own RFP process.  The RFP also requires the vendor to establish a Missouri SIS User Group which will function as a statewide advisory group for the SIS.  The purpose of the User Group is to identify needs of participating districts specifically related to training and technical assistance and modifications needed for the SIS.     

Are district required to switch to the SIS vendor? No, the Department is not mandating that districts use the awarded system. 

Is the Department paying for this system?  No, there is no state funding for this system.  Participating districts will issue purchase orders off the awarded contract. 

Will there be a change in current MOSIS reporting?  No.  This could change if/when more districts are using the system, but for the short-term, districts will continue to upload MOSIS files as they are currently doing.

Will the Department continue to support other SIS vendors operating in the state?  Yes, the Department will continue to support all vendors currently working with the state.

What is the length of the contract?  One year plus four additional one-year periods.