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Data Team Certification

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What are Decision Making Results? Data-driven decision making is a systematic process educators use to make decisions on a continuous basis.  Schools that analyze and utilize data are better able to make decisions about sustaining powerful practices, making midcourse corrections, and discontinuing ineffective practices. Decision making for results primarily uses large scale assessment data. 

The Decision Making for Results Six-Step Process

What are Data Teams? Data Teams implement data-driven decision making at the classroom practitioner level.  Data Teams provide a structure for teachers to specifically identify areas of student need and collaboratively decide on the best instructional approach in response to those needs.  This structure allows schools and schools teams to break down the silos of individual practice and create instead truly professional teams of educators who continuously reflect on and improve their practice. 

The Data Teams Process for Results

Where do I go for training? Information on training can be found at your local Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC).  RPDC information


DMR/DT Process/Resources
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Step-by-Step Video Clips of Data Team Process​