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Core Data and MOSIS – Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Warning STC00465 (State ID cannot be reported since the State ID has been reported as a dropout in the prior year), I am interested in how to handle situations where a student is dropped over the count date of the PREVIOUS school year but is here before the count date of CURRENT school year.  How do we code this if a student was gone over the entirety of last school year?  


The student can be recovered using a Stop Out as long as they come back before the subsequent count date of the next school year.  For example, you have a student who started on 8/14/2015; the count date was 9/30/2015 (for this school year 2015-2016).  The student has to return before the count date of the 2016-2017 school year in order for you to recover the dropout.  

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