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** Applications No Longer Being Accepted. This program has terminated. **

Welcome to the Missouri Connect & Learn Initiative

The Missouri Connect & Learn Initiative is a partnership between the Office of the Governor, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the national non-profit Education SuperHighway. Together, we are working to ensure that all students in Missouri have the Internet access needed to support digital learning in the classroom.

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The goal of the Initiative is to support school district leaders in getting:

  • Fiber infrastructure to every school leveraging the newly established state matching fund
  • Sufficient bandwidth to every student (at least 100 kbps/student, or ideally 1 Mbps/student)
  • Robust internal connections (Wi-Fi connectivity) in every classroom
  • Affordable bandwidth to every district, optimizing E-rate program funding

How we support school districts

We offer technical assistance, upgrade tools, and procurement resources at no cost to ensure your schools have the broadband they need now and for the future. Please check back regularly for updates, new resources, and stories from district leaders throughout the state.

Technical Assistance
Through the Missouri Connect & Learn Initiative, EducationSuperHighway offers technical and procurement expertise to find sustainable and affordable Internet solutions for your schools. Their process begins with gaining a deep understanding of your technology needs. Next, they engage with the service provider community on your behalf to find you competitive options. Finally, they work with you to develop a strategy that supports your E-rate procurement process.

To get started, visit www.educationsuperhighway.org/districts and schedule a 1:1 call.

State Match Information
Additional funding for Category 1 special construction services is available through the Missouri Connect & Learn Initiative State Match Fund administered by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Webinar Series
EducationSuperHighway’s webinars offer support for digital learning initiatives, supply information on our free tools, resources, and programs, and provide tips and best practices to help you navigate the E-rate cycle.

Explore more by registering for our free webinars: www.educationsuperhighway.org/webinars

Upgrade Tools
Developed by EducationSuperHighway, Compare & Connect K-12 enables school districts, state leaders, and service provides to compare the broadband deals for each school district throughout the state.

Find your school district and see how your broadband deals compare to neighboring districts: www.compareandconnectk12.org.

Procurement Resources
Procure the best high-speed broadband option for your district with tips and templates and consider how to manage your upgrade from deployment and beyond.

Download free E-rate program templates to guide you through the Form 470 process: upgrade.educationsuperhighway.org.

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