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Date Webinar Office
04/28/2017 Early Learning Blended Funding

Early Learning, Federal Programs, and Special Education Finance Staff will demonstrate completing the Early Learning Blended Funding Plan and Budget Application using examples of different program structures.  The webinar will end with a live Q&A about topics discussed in the presentation.

Financial and Administrative Services
05/13/2015 Uniform Grant Guidance (OMNI) Updates and Clarifications

This webinar will include information on the new OMNI Circular requirements, including annual risk assessment process, written policies/procedures, standards for financial management, cash management, equipment/supplies, procurement standards, and other fiscal requirements. The webinar will also provide clarification on topics presented at our workshops, such as time and effort reporting and the substantially approved date of applications

Financial and Administrative Services
08/29/2014 What to Expect during Your Administrative Review

This webinar provides information to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) that are expecting an Administrative Review during School Year 2014-2015.

Authorized representatives and food service directors are encouraged to watch the webinar.

Financial and Administrative Services
03/13/2014 Calculating Basic Formula, Classroom Trust Fund, Prop C, and Small Schools Grant Payments

This webinar provides school districts with a walk-through on how to perform the payment projections, what tools to use, and where to obtain the data to accurately calculate the Basic Formula - Other State Monies, Classroom Trust Fund, Prop C, and Small Schools Grant payments.

Superintendents and other district personnel who are responsible for performing the budget projections for the Basic Formula - Other State Monies, Classroom Trust Fund, Prop C, and Small Schools Grant payments should view this webinar.

Financial and Administrative Services
02/25/2014 NCLB Federal Financial Management Updates

This webinar provides information and updates on federal financial issues

Financial and Administrative Services
01/28/2014 Budgeting and Releasing Proportionate Share Funds

Information provided during this webinar includes the calculation of proportionate share, how the proportionate share amount should be budgeted, and the steps that must be taken if the LEA is able to release unspent proportionate share carryover funds.

Special Education Directors, Superintendents, Financial Administrators should view this webinar.

Financial and Administrative Services
09/24/2013 NCLB Finance Tiered Monitoring

This webinar provides an overview of the Tiered Monitoring process and details the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Finance requirements and evidence of implementation.

This webinar will be of interest to Federal Program Coordinators and Financial Adminstrators.

Financial and Administrative Services
05/24/2012 School Transportation Formula

This webinar covers the basic components of the school transportation funding formula and will help the viewer to have a better understanding of the formula and the impact of transportation data on the district’s state transportation aid.

Financial and Administrative Services
10/25/2011 Financial Uses of MOSIS Data - Where it Comes From, Where it Goes and What is it Used For?

This webinar provides detailed information regarding MOSIS data that is used for financial purposes including what core data screens are populated, what data checks should be completed by the district and what payment the data is used for. This webinar would be of interest to superintendents, business managers, bookkeepers and anyone who is responsible for the entry and review of Core Data and MOSIS data.

Financial and Administrative Services

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