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Webinar Help

  • If you have never attended a ConnectPro meeting before, please test your connection well in advance of the webinar.

  • If the internet connection at your location has limited bandwidth/capacity available, please ensure that you do not have multiple computers viewing the same webinar at the same time. Doing so will cause interruption in viewing the webinar. If there is a problem, view the recorded webinar at a non-peak use time in your location.
  • Be sure to review the webinar presentation document(s) prior to the session on the website (under "About this webinar.") You may want to print out the presentation to be able to make notes during the session.

  • You do not need a special log-in password for a webinar. Upon entering the webinar room, click on "Log in as Guest." Then, enter your last name and school district: i.e. “Smith, Brookview.” If more than one person is viewing the webinar from the same computer, only one registration is necessary.

  • Webinars are generally one-way audio, unless a phone line is available. The presenters will be happy to field questions presented through the typed “chat” feature. Please make use of this feature to ask questions or make comments.

  • If you have a microphone on the computer you are viewing from, please make sure to turn the microphone off. Leaving it on will cause echoing and other audio problems.

  • After you view a webinar, please give us your feedback by participating in an online survey linked at the bottom of each webinar web page. This will help us improve our services and future webinars.
  • Webinar rooms open one-half hour before the meeting begins. Music will be playing. If you hear the music, you should be able to participate in the webinar without any difficulty.
  • If you are not able to hear music, please do the following:

    • Check to see if your speakers are on, plugged in, and the volume is turned up (not muted).

    • Click the “Meeting” tab, then click “Manage My Settings” and then click the “Audio Setup Wizard”. Run through the wizard to test your equipment.

    • If you still cannot hear the audio, please watch the recorded version when your connection/system is working.

  • Be sure to check the list of our upcoming DESE webinars often, as new presentations are made available. Most sections will also notify participants of upcoming webinars via their mailing lists.
  • Most webinars are recorded and listed on our website so interested individuals may listen at a later time.

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