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English Language Arts Core Academic Standards: Major Shifts

Date: Monday, September 3, 2012

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This webinar series provides information about the major shifts that are outlined in the Missouri English Language Arts Core Academic Standards. Each session includes a discussion of one of the shifts and implications for instruction.

Session 1: Determining Text Complexity

This session explains how to determine text complexity using the three-part approach described in Appendix A of the Common core State Standards.

Session2: Text Dependent Questions and Close Reading

This session explains how to guide students to read closely to determine what a text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it. Rather than asking students questions about their prior knowledge or experience, the standards expect students to wrestle with text dependent questions: questions that can only be answered by referring explicitly back to the text in front of them.

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Session 3: Academic Vocabulary

This session explores the three tiered approach to vocabulary. Research confirms the importance of vocabulary acquisition in students’ academic growth. Through this webinar, teachers will discover how the three tiered approach works, how to determine the tiered-level of a word, and how to judiciously select vocabulary words to directly instruct in their classrooms.

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