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Video recording your presentation and disseminating it via online streaming (YouTube), or sending DVDs, allows one workshop to provide training for the entire state. These options are a way of communicating the same information as a state-wide conference, while offsetting some of the costs.

Workshops done in this way can be accessed by your audience after the workday or on weekends, allowing staff to stay on the job, avoiding substitution costs, and reducing or eliminating travel costs.

Generally, a video can be produced at a low, medium or high cost level. By comparing the effective communications value to budget availability, the correct cost level can be established for your program. Options for your video training include:

  • Using close-ups of charts or photos inserted as the presenter speaks;
  • Complex visual aides such as slides, overheads, electronically generated computer graphics or Microsoft PowerPoint slides;
  • Previously-produced video segments.

An effective program can be produced using simple to elaborate media support. Accordingly, the cost can range from frugal to expensive. The completed Video Program Description Worksheet will provide the basis for developing time and cost estimates and a production schedule.