PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations can be merged easily into videos, or you can make a video of your PowerPoint Presentation with narration and music.

Keep these points in mind when preparing PowerPoint slides for use in a video:

  • Don’t clutter the screen -- think “less” and “bigger” when composing.
  • Remember, a standard 8.5 X 11 inch sheet of paper/transparency must be turned sideways (landscape) to avoid cutting information off the screen.
  • A single graph or table created with a small font will most likely need to be split into multiple tables and enlarged to be legible in the video.
  • Use a “safe area” margin of 10% when composing your slides. This will ensure that your graphics and words do not "run off" the side of the screen.
  • Use bold fonts with shadow to help text stand out.
  • Consider text font style, and color. Colors that are over-saturated, too bright or too dark, make text appear out of focus. A dark background with white or yellow fonts look best.
  • Use contrasting colors and brightness between text and background.
  • Avoid mixing colors that are not complementary.
  • For a regular presentation, increase font size 2 points for every foot of viewing distance from screen, starting with 12 point at 1 foot. Most meeting room screens are at least 10 feet from viewers. 28 point font is the smallest size that can be read easily from this distance