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Evaluation: Program + Personnel = Results

This page is designed to provide you with information and resources to more effectively evaluate a comprehensive school counseling program. PowerPoint presentations videos, sample templates, and summaries of action based projects conducted by practicing school counselors are available to assist you in developing your own evaluation plan as required by MSIP.  For a detailed look at the administrator's role please visit the administrator page (including principal counselor agreement)

This presentation provides you with an overview of the evaluation process for comprehensive school counseling programs--a process that includes program evaluation, personnel evaluation and results evaluation.

Evidence of Impact (narrated Powerpoint) 

Program Evaluation: Determining the Level of Implementation

The first aspect of evaluation asks the question, "To what extent is the school counseling program fully implemented?"  MSIP5 Standard 6.9 begins to address this question by outlining the necessary and essential components of a school counseling program that is integral to the total educational process.

School counselors and administrators should first determine if the components are in place.


Time Task Analysis

Once it is determined that the program components are in place, it is important to determine the degree of implementation. For example, there may be a school counseling curriculum in place, but to what extent is it being delivered to students? The "Internal Improvement Review (IIR)" allows you to take an open and honest look at the degree to which your comprehensive school counseling program is being implemented. The links below provide access to the IIR and to a presentation that guides you through the IIR process. The end result is an action plan for you to follow that will lead you toward a more fully implemented comprehensive school counseling program. The Time on Task Analysis is a survey of the school counselors’ time spent on performing the tasks that have been assigned in the program as it currently exists. The results of this initial analysis will provide baseline data for comparing the time and tasks involved in the current program to the time on tasks chosen for the desired district’s comprehensive school counseling program. A district may conduct the Time on Task Analysis using 15 or 30 minute time intervals.

  • IIR Explanation Video 
  • Internal Improvement Review Document  Excel - Updated 01/2018
  • Internal Improvement Review (doc)
  • Internal Improvement Review for Career Centers - *coming soon*

Results Evaluation

This section consists of three segments:

  1. A Series of Short Courses that introduce school counselors to the evaluation model, Program + Personnel = Results and then guides them in development of a results-based project.
  2. A Series of Videos that demonstrate further how to use Microsoft Excel to analyze data ("IDEAS and Data Analysis for School Counselors").
  3. Examples of Actual Action Research Projects that have been complete by practicum students and full-time school counselors.


Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

Student Learning Objectives (SLO)

Personnel Evaluation Documents

The following materials for the School Counselor Evaluation Process are aligned with the Missouri Educator Evaluation System.  As with all school counseling materials, districts are free to use and/or customize.  School Counselors should be provided support and evaluated using tools designed for school counselors. 

New Counselor Evaluation Documents

New Counselor