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Displaced Homemakers

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The Displaced Homemaker Fee Waiver Grant is offered to qualified individuals and is
interpreted to include single parents. A Displaced homemaker is defined as an individual whose
principal job has been homemaking, and who has lost his or her main source of income because
of divorce, separation, death or disability of a spouse; or long-term family income below poverty
level; or loss of eligibility for public assistance; and someone who has not been employed on a
full-time basis of forty hours per week for at least three years. Such full-time employment shall
not include seasonal occupations. Displaced homemakers are generally women, but there are
men who fit the definition and have been served with these funds. The tuition waivers are used
to offset the cost of tuition for eligible recipients to enroll in a long-term career training program.

Displaced Homemakers Manual

Direct all Displaced Homemakers questions to Loree Libbert at 573-522-1487

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