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School Counseling Grade-Level Expectations

Description: The Missouri School Counseling grade-level expectations were developed to align with Missouri standards and national school counseling standards.

Grade Level Expectations (Full)  PDF | Word
Updated April 30, 2016

Social/Emotional (Full)  PDF | Word
Updated April 30, 2016

  • Social/Emotional, Grades K-2  PDF | Word
  • Social/Emotional, Grades 3-5   PDF | Word
  • Social/Emotional, Grades 6-8  PDF | Word
  • Social/Emotional, Grades 9-12  PDF | Word

Academic Development (Full)  PDF | Word
Updated April 30, 2016

  • Academic Development, Grades K-2  PDF | Word
  • Academic Development, Grades 3-5  PDF | Word
  • Academic Development, Grades 6-8  PDF | Word
  • Academic Development, Grades 9-12  PDF | Word

Career Development (Full)  PDF | Word
Updated April 30, 2016

  • Career Development, Grades K-2  PDF | Word
  • Career Development, Grades 3-5  PDF | Word
  • Career Development, Grades 6-8  PDF | Word
  • Career Development, Grades 9-12  PDF | Word


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