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Online PRoBE Training: Program Evaluation
  • Course I: Introduction
    • This introductory presentation reviews what constitutes a comprehensive guidance and counseling program and why program evaluation is an important part of the equation "Program + Personnel = Results."
  • Course II: Focus on Results
    • This course provides a more in-depth look at the meaning of the Results portion of "Program + Personnel = Results" and why it is important to conduct program evaluations.
  • Course III: Getting Started
    • How does a school counselor choose the data and efforts that their program evaluations will address? This course addresses this question.
  • Course IV: Solution Shop
    • In this course, participants must read an article, "Solution Shop," which provides an excellent example of a program evaluation with valid data.
  • Course V: Entering Data
    • School counselors begin to move from theory to practice in this course, with a brief tutorial on how to use Microsoft Excel to save their data for future analysis.
  • Course VI: Creating Charts
    • Additional practical information on Microsoft Excel is provided in this course, specifically to create charts.
  • Course VII: Effective Presentations
    • The final step of program evaluation is sharing data. This course provides an overview of effective presentation techniques that are recommended to make the results more accessible and meaningful.
Results Evaluation: IDEAS & Data Analysis for School Counselors
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