Schedule your High School Equivalency (HSE) exam 

(Please note: Each subtest has a 12 month testing window which automatically begins at time of purchase of that subtest.)

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education selected a new high school equivalency test that replaced the GED starting January 2014. Missouri's current high school equivalency test was developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and is called the HiSET®.  Test takers can visit HiSET website to schedule high school equivalency (HSE) testing. 

The cost of the test battery is $98.75.  This includes payment of $10.75 per test in each of five test content areas ($53.75 total), $10 as a state registration fee, and $7 per test in each of five test content areas ($35 total) to cover the costs of administering the test at a testing center.  Examinees buying a battery do not have to complete the entire battery at one time; each subtest (content area) can be taken separately.  Subtests (content areas) include Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing.  

Test takers can take subtests up to three times in each content area during a 12-month period. Examinees not passing the first time can retake any or all subtests (content areas) up to two more times within the 12-month period by paying only an additional $7-per-subtest fee (to cover the costs of administering the test at a testing center).  

More information about obtaining a high school equivalency certificate

List of testing centers in Missouri 

Residency and Minimum Age Requirements

To take the HiSET® test in Missouri, examinees must be residents of Missouri, at least 16 years old and not currently enrolled in school.  

Supporting Documentation for 16 year old test takers:

In addition, 16 year old test takers MUST provide high school transcripts demonstrating successful completion of 16 units of credit toward high school graduation along with written permission to test from the superintendent or principal of the school last attended.  Sixteen year old Missouri test takers who are home schooled must meet the requirements of Section 167.031 RSMo for course instruction.  The parents or guardians of home schooled test takers MUST provide a written declaration of compliance with Section 167.031 RSMo for course instruction along with written permission for the home schooled student to test.  

NOTE: Seventeen year old Missouri test takers who have dropped out of school may take the HiSET® test without additional requirements or documentation.

Supporting documentation for 16 year old test takers can be sent by: 

Email to:

Fax to: (573) 526-5710

Mail to:

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education- High School Equivalency office 
P.O. Box 480 
Jefferson City MO 65102-0480

Supporting documentation MUST include: 

  • Compliance Statement for Home Schooled Student (signed by parent or legal guardian): (Student Name) has successfully met the requirements of Section 167.031 RSMo (including 1000 hours of instruction) and has my permission to take the HiSET.


  • Written Permission for Non-Home Schooled Student (signed by superintendent or principal of school last attended): (Student Name) has successfully completed at least 16 units of credit toward high school graduation and has my permission to take the Missouri High School Equivalency Test.  Copies of high school transcripts are also required.

AND you must also include:

  • Full name of student
  • Student’s date of birth
  • Last four digits of student’s social security number
  • Student’s ETS I.D. NUMBER (This is provided when you create an ETS account.  To create an ETS account and for more information, please click on: Frequently Asked Questions )

(January 1, 2014 was the deadline for passing the GED®.  If the GED® was not passed, scores from the current test did not transfer to the new one. The new test has been in use since January 2, 2014.)