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CPR in Schools – Bill Summary

  • CPR in Schools – To meet the requirements of Section 170.310, RSMo, all Missouri school districts will ensure the following:
  • The law is implemented in schools in the 2017-2018 school year and subsequent years
  • As a graduation requirement, students receive 30 minutes of CPR instruction and training in the proper performance of the Heimlich maneuver or other first aid for choking
  • Students with disabilities may participate to the extent appropriate as determined by the provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
  • The training shall be included in the district’s health or physical education curriculum
  • Instruction requires hands-on practice and skills testing to support cognitive learning. Watching a training DVD alone is not sufficient to meet the requirements of the law.
  • Resources for training of these skills shall be based on a program established by the American Heart AssociationAmerican Red Cross, or another nationally recognized organization’s evidence-based guidelines.
  • Schools may develop agreements with any local chapter of a voluntary organization of first responders to provide the required hands-on practice and skills testing.
  • Verification of student performance should be recorded in the same way as the US and Missouri Constitution tests
    • The training requirement for hands-only CPR is different from CPR certification. CPR certification is a more in-depth training taught by an authorized cardiopulmonary instructor required for public safety professionals, doctors, nurses, and other professions. Individuals who complete the certification training are issued CPR certification cards.
    • An individual teaching hands-only CPR in the classroom does not need to be certified CPR instructors. Cards are not issued for hands-only training.