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Academic Standards

Welcome to DESE’s academic standards page. Below are links to three sets of standards, each developed to help inform the work of districts as they develop curriculum and instruction.

The Show-Me Standards were approved as a final regulation by the Missouri State Board of Education, January 18, 1996. The standards are built around the belief that success of Missouri's students depends on both a solid foundation of knowledge and skills and the ability of students to apply their knowledge and skills to the kinds of problems and decisions they will likely encounter after they graduate. The standards serve as a blueprint from which local school districts may write challenging curriculum to help all students achieve.
Adopted in April 2016, the Missouri Learning Standards define the knowledge and skills students need in each grade level and course for success in college, other post-secondary training and careers. These expectations are aligned to the Show-Me Standards, which define what all Missouri high school graduates should know and be able to do. The MAP grade-level and end-of-course assessments are aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards. Information on how to address these standards for English Language Learners (ELs), coming soon.

Priority standards, when they possess the characteristics of endurance (relevance throughout a student’s lifetime), leverage (knowledge and skills used in multiple academic disciplines) and essentiality (knowledge and skills necessary for student success in the next grade level or sequential course), have the potential for overarching impact in instruction. Find information about priority standards, updates about ongoing work in this area and related resources here.